Thursday, July 29, 2010


Heading into camp Sunday, Lawrence Tynes and rookie Matt Dodge are the Giants' only placekicker and punter, respectively. Tell me if you're comfortable with that arrangement. Could either of these guys use some competition?



  1. Ernie waves the red flag in front of Wayno's eyes. Admit it, Ern, you just posted this to see how over the top the reaction would be. I'll go with Tom and keep the response understated. Yes, some competition would be welcome.

  2. Ha ha ha. I was like what a wayno loaded question as steam poured out my ears dweez.

    Lawrence Tynes is one of the worst kickers in the league at kicking off and his placekicking can be erratic and he cannot hit a field goal more than 50 yrds. There were times last year where I was rooting for Tynes to kickoff out of bounds. YES!!! YES!!! Please get some competition that does not include the last name Cundiff or Mare and I will be happy.

    Dodge on the other hand better be battling the ghost of Jeff Feagles because if he kicks as bad as I think he will Feags better say, "I am feeling better and ready to help out a team that was so loyal to me and gave me a legacy despite being in the league for 50 years and having none. Lets go boys see u every Sunday, I ll be in Scottsdale for the rest of the week."

    Jerry Reese one of the great GM's of all time perplexes me with his disregard for special teams and gamblers mentality when they are soooooooooooooo gdamn important.

  3. Ern, care to enlighten us with ur plans for camp? Will u be there on Sunday? Have u gotten word on when u will be on Giants gameday?

  4. Holy crap, I am in full agreement with dear Whino....err....Wayno.

    Tynes is the bane of my existence. Forget the lack of ANYTHING remotely special in the field goal area (I don't care how bad that hold was against San Diego, KICK THE BALL. Don't just stop!). His kickoffs are just flat out terrible. I really don't understand how we couldn't bring in ANYONE worth replacing him with.

    I can only hope Dodge will emerge as a booming kickoff man....but is doubtful. So tired of these kickoffs falling at the 10 yard line. The only thing worse are those RIDICULOUS squib kicks that he tries to bounce to the endzone.

    He seems like a smart guy and determined to make his game better, which wins over Coughlin every time, but at some point I just want the booming leg that I can count on every game.

    I shouldn't have to wince everytime my team is about to kickoff! I shouldn't be crossing my fingers for 35 yard field goal attempts.

  5. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the re-emergence of P Tom Blanchard & K John Markham into the competition. ;-)

  6. I'd love to see Tynes get some competition, but I'm not comfy with any of the other options out there. Reese needs to spend a pick on a kicker at some point, which he seems unwilling to do.

    Dodge, I think, will be fine. I think the Giants did the right thing by handing him the job pre-camp, so he can learn from Feagles without having to look over his shoulder at Jy Bond.

  7. I never like the idea of using a pick on a kicker or punter. Always hit up the FA market for those kind of positions.

  8. ggggg-men, I think that's a scenario dependent on value and other areas of need. For example, the Giants spent their 6th and 7th round picks on players who failed to make the team. Those picks were absolutely wasteful. In that scenario, they could have easily used the pick(s)on either a kicker or punter who would have served a major role/purpose today.

  9. First off, does Ern or somebody else have any info on these two scrubs Russ talks about? Second, can Matt Dodge really kick off? And just to the the five is fine with me after the last few years.

  10. Yeah, but here's the catch with that; if you draft say an offensive tackle and a linebacker in the 6th and 7th rounds for depth and they don't amount to anything....fine, it happens.

    On the other hand, if you use a 6th or 7th pick on a punter of kicker and they don't amount to anything, it's a COLOSSAL waste that you'll be ridiculed for.

    The best value you can possibly get at an offensive or defensive position in the late rounds, greatly outweighs the best possible kicker/punter that you can get (whose talent can most likely be matched in free agency).

  11. "A kicker....he's just a kicker?" - Peyton Manning.

    Not really worried. There are 30 guys not on NFL rosters that are itching to get a phone call if someone doesn't work out. The team that should be worried about kickers is Dallas.

    Chris B.

  12. Need to have a roster spot for a klcker who can reach the endzone. If that means 2 kickers on the roster so be it. How many spots are filled for special team guys that never make a tackle?

  13. wayno - I'm sorry bout that. I should have said j/k. K John Markham was the 5th round bust from the 2001 draft. P Tom Blanchard was cut in 1974 for someone named Dave Jennings.

    I also have a queezy feeling with the performance of mr Tynes.