Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where To Get It

The Maple Street Press' Giants Yearbook will be coming out in the next few days with articles in there by yours truly, Ed Valentine, Ralph Vacchiano, and Patti Traina. If you're in the tri-state area, you should be able to get it on any New York newstand or your local Barnes and Nobles. If you live outside there, or are having trouble finding it around here, simply go to this link and order it.

I should stress that this is mandatory reading for followers of this blog. There will be a test that will count for 30 percent of your grade, along with attendance and participation.



  1. I can't wait to get my copy!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Ern gets top billing!

  2. I've preordered it and it's already come in...let me tell you, I cant put it down. Its got in depth coverage of EVERYTHING NY Giants and its very up to date (it includes Hixon's injury).

    Ern, thank you for your part in this magazine. It's exactly what I need to satisfy my Giants fix in these slow times before training camp opens. I'm halfway through and its already worth every penny.

  3. I'm only buying if Ernie is getting royalties off the sale...


  4. Thanks for the plug, Ernie. And for you loyal EP supporters, Ernie's piece is an absolute must read for Giants fans.

  5. I pre-ordered mine and already received it. It is awesome. An indispensable guide for all Giants fans. It has a break down of the entire team, a look at the new stadium, an article on Perry Fewell and his place in the pantheon of defensive coordinators the Giants have had (spoiler alert: The Giants have had a lot of great DCs), and a whole lot more.