Monday, July 26, 2010

He Targeted Giants

Though it took several weeks for the Giants to bring in former Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck for a look and eventually sign him to play middle linebacker, Bulluck had the organization in mind since last year.

He was more than a little peeved that the Titans hadn't made an effort to sign him to an extension in 2008. And even in 2009, despite having three interceptions and 108 tackles in 14 games, Tennessee indicated no interest in having him back. So Bulluck had long been considering the big picture.

"That gave me a great indication that I wasn't going to come back as a Titan," Bulluck said. "When I was having the year I was having and they still didn't give an indication that they were going to re-sign me, the big picture came in my head. So I'd say I started considering them last year."



  1. Ernie P. on the beat! Where can u get Giants coverage like this? How about NOWHERE! Can't wait to hear from u in Albany Ern.

  2. 108 tackles in 14 to my ears. Maybe we'll stop getting runover by fullbacks.

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  4. This from a Giants' fan living in Tennessee...

    I live in Tennessee and so I am forced to watch the Titans (which was a curse of boredom before CJ) and all I can say is that Keith Bullock is long (huge arms), tough, fast, and a great leader. He has not lost a step (before the injury at least) and is known for coming up big in big games (they call him mr. monday night here). If he hadnt always played in such a small market, he would be a multiple, multiple, pro-bowler. This is very exciting news, and all we need from him is to stay on the field.
    With a potentially very good secondary and a potentially very good d-line, we might only need a decent LB corp. That's how we beat the best offense ever!