Friday, July 30, 2010

Since You Asked...

I might as well get this out of the way now rather than wait until camp officially opens. I mentioned on Ed Valentine's show last night that matters both practical and financial will keep me from attending camp this year. Actually, this will be the fourth straight year I've missed Albany. But I'll try to keep an eye on things from here. And I encourage all of you to frequent my colleague's blogs. They'll be up there, and they'll have their little fingers both on their blackberries and an on the pulse of the team. You'll be well-informed, I can guarantee that much.


  1. Your breaking my heart Ern. U take it to the next level. Patti and Ed aren't gonna give us video or ur brilliant first hand analysis. I still think u should invest more $$$$ in this as a business because this is THE BEST GIANTS BLOG/ANALYSIS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and u will still make a buttload of $$$$ on this thing. Oh well guess I'll have to take the coaches word that Dodge is kicking well.

  2. Oh man, sorry to hear. I think we need to start a "Send Ernie to Camp" fund ASAP. We can get started on 2011 right now for ya!