Monday, July 5, 2010

Taking A Break

Hope you guys all had your fill of cookouts and beach over the July 4 weekend. As for me, my holiday will continue a bit longer, so we're going dark here for a week or so. You may use this space to discuss any subjects you wish, or any news that comes up in my absence, with the usual warning to PLAY NICE!

Oh, and I don't want to come back and see potato chips and pretzels and empty beer cans all over the place. Leave the place as you found it.

Okay, I'm out. See ya down the road.



  1. Have a nice vacation Ernie. Camp opens in less than a month and I expect an exceptional and experienced writer to keep us updated on the goings on...and then there is you! ;-)...j/k

    World Cup 2010 is running to its end. Looks like my Germans vs the Dutch in the final, although Spain and Uruguay might have something to say about that.

    As an old fan of the NY Cosmos, I hope oneday the USA can make to the finals and win. I have been waiting since 1976 when the US Soccer federation promising us the next "Pele" by 1986, surely by 1990!

  2. Ernie..... last time you posted a comment like this, we didn't see you for almost 2 years!

  3. A whole week! A whole bloody week!!! Big disappointment, u better come back with a bang or I'll be gone!

  4. Bored?

    Go over to Big Blue View and read the brief article on #70, all-time Giant great Sam Huff. There's also a nice article below this on Richy Seibert.

  5. Will Lebron be a Knick?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. I doubt it. I think he's already got the city of Cleveland primed for an announcement that he's staying.

    The Knicks will need to make a fairly big trade to get a guard if James isn't coming. They shipped Nate Robinson and have no point guard or shooting guard to get the ball in to Stoudamire. They will also need to figure out a way to resign Lee.
    If they don't do both of these things, the Garden will be dark again next spring.

  7. On this hot and cruddy July 2010 day, here is throwback memory from circa November 1977:

    "it is 3rd down and 20. Bob Gibson in the press box sends down a halfback draw to Doug Kotar. the play gains 5 yards. The Giants have to punt again and the fans boo.

    It seems to happen every week. What kind of offense is that? Why don't the Giants pass? How long can the defense, mainly responsible for 3 in the 3-5 won lost record, continue to hold out? Simply, The Giants don't pass because their coaching staff does not think they can pass.

    Last week, in a 24-10 loss to the Cowboys, the Giants gained a net 2 yards passing - an average of less than 3 inches per completion. (Joe Pisarcik 6-17 for 61 yards minus 59 yards on 8 sacks!). it didn't matter that the Giants held the Cowboys to their lowest totals of the season in rushing and offense. the Giants offensive players were not ready for what hit them. All week they had been practiced double-teaming the Cowboys DE's, harvey martin & Ed 'Too Tall" Jones, send the backs up for support. The Cowboys, anticipating that, used what they call a "delay" blitz. The LB's keyed on the Giants rb's and faked a drop into coverage. then, when the rb's went to block, "the LB'er would plant his foot and charge" said Giants RB Larry Csonka.

    "That kid Pisarcik throws the deep ball real well" said LB'er Hollywood Tom Henderson of the Cowboys. "I am surprised they do not let him throw more" noted the man with Hollywood glasses and big smile.

    Pisarcik, is also suprised. Occasionally, Pisarcik connects on the long bomb deep from his territory hence 64,78, 80 & 82 yard completions earlier this year.

    The offense has now gone into a shell and seems to not want to put the defense in a bad position. The reluctance to throw at times is causing grief on the Defensive side as well. Captian Jack Gregory lamented that "it seems like other teams know what play we are going to run even before our guys do. I have heard them chuckling to one another that we run the same plays in the same situations"

    the above was a composite of articles from the newspapers of the time. no one writer gets credit lol

  8. More throwback memories... this time from December 1974:

    "How jinxed are these NY Giants? They must be wondering what they have to do to get a victory. Yesterday (december 1st 1974) the Giants lost the 5th game in a row in the last minute or in overtime. The Bears, with new FG K Mirro Roder, hit the winner with 36 seconds left in the gamne for a 16-13 Bears win. The 24 yard FG was aided by the gusty cold winds that blew in off of Lake Michigan, and those gusty winds along with intermittent snow/sleet/frrezing rain kept the crowd at Soldier field to 18,802 with 36,951 no shows.

    So, whats next for these Giants? HC Bill Arnsparger was at a loss for words and quickly ended his press conference with a terse "no comment" when asked why starting NY RB, Ron Johnson, was benched in the 2nd quarter. The Giants have now lost seven games by a margin of 30 points. Their last 5 games have been decided in final minute or sudden-death overtime."

    the above was a composite of articles from the newspapers of the time. no one writer gets credit.

  9. Just heard that Antonio Pierce has officially retired from the NFL and was hired by ESPN to appear on NFL Live and Sportscenter. I say good luck to you AP! Really enjoyed you as the heart of the defense the past 5 years.

  10. more throwback memories, this time from the last game of 1974, one that this boy at the time attended with his Dad:

    "The Giants ended their 1974 yesterday (December 15th) with a loss to the flat St Louis Cardinals 26-14. The Giants, whom surprised all 50,000 in attendance on a chilly, windy overcast day St Louis day by coming out with a balanced attack that has eluded HC Bill Arnsparger's team this season. The Giants scored 14 points while shutting out St Louis in a dominate display in the first half on both offense and defense. RB, Ron Johnson, back in the starting lineup, and Joe Dawkins, the fullback, rushed for 66 and 67 yards respectively in the first half, with each scoring a 2nd qtr TD.

    The Cardinals came to life in a 4-minute-4 second span in the 3rd qtr. Firstly, a 32 yard punt return by Roger Wherli positioned a 4 yard Ken Willard score, and successive int's of Craig Morton passes by Jim Tolbert, Wherli & Larry Stallings led to 3 quick TD's. (2 PAT's by Cardinal K Jim Bakken failed)

    The Giants have now lost 16 of the last 18 games they have played."

  11. Yes...AP has retired. Tell us something we didn't already know... He had lost a step (or two), and that neck injury he sustained probably kept other teams away. Having said that, I appreciated his time here and wish him nothing but future success.

  12. Best of luck AP. You were the glue that held the SB 42 champions together on D.

    best MLB's/ILB's (in no order) on the Giants since 1970?

    Brian Kelley
    Harry Carson
    Gary Reasons
    Pepper Johnson

    Did I leave anyone out? Michael Brooks? Michael Barrow? Ron Hornsby? Jim Files? Andy Selfridge? j/k

  13. LEBRON LEBRON LEBRON!!! EVERYWHERE! God Damn Ern where r u? I need u now more than ever!

  14. Russ - enough with the "highlights" of what was the most abysmal period in Giants history. I watched those games as a kid, just like you did. Reliving them is just like getting kicked in the groin - AGAIN. I'm guessing you hid your loyalty to the Giants when you went to elementary school because I took A LOT of verbal abuse wearing my Sears Giants winter coat with the blue wool front and white some-kind-of-crappy-plastic sleeves. Froze my ass off in that thing, too. It didn't keep you warm unless it was above 45 degrees. I wore it because the Giants were "my" team - no matter what. You want to post throwback memories? Pick a year where watching the Giants was actually enjoyable. I'm beginning to suspect you're a either Dallas fan here to torture us or a sadist.

  15. dweez15 - why the personal attacks????strange behavior indeed.

    I should not have to explain myself but to a cretin like you....but history is history and it reminds MOST of us how good we have had it since 1981.

    now, normally I do not partake in online nastiness, but go find another Giants forum. You never speak to anyone on here with a modicum of respect. We do not need your type here.

    Thanks for the platform Ernie!

  16. Don't worry Russ, he seems to enjoy making personal attacks probably because he is bitter about taking out a second mortgage for Giant tix. WHERE R U ERN? WE BE FALLING APART OVER HERE! COME BACK NOW!

  17. Russ - Wow. Did your dog die? What personal "attacks"? Calling you a Dallas fan in jest? Don't ever ride the 6 train during the morning rush because you'll likely faint from some of the "attacks" being said there. Everything I wrote was tongue-in-cheek. Even debased myself by admitting I was wearing a crappy Sears coat as a kid just because it had the Giants logo on it. I'm surprised you live in the tri-state area. You seem a bit too touchy to enjoy it around here. If you don't care for my posts, don't read them. Simple solution. I promise I won't be the least bit upset or offended. Plus, it will free up more time for you to research and post thirty five year old newspaper excerpts. Strange behavior, indeed!

    As for you Wayno, I suggest you review the posts in the past. I have cut you far more slack than the vast majority of people who post here despite your delusions that we want to read your rants about PSLs for the 87th time. I told you months ago that I said "No thanks" to season tickets despite having been on the waiting list for over twenty years. It just wasn't practical with three kids. I'll do what I have always done - buy tickets from season ticket holders that don't want them. I do acknowledge that the owners of the Giants have every right to charge whatever the market will bear. It's their business. They own it and they have the right to charge PSLs if they want to. And you have the right to say "No thanks" if you don't want to pay it. Business 101. It's really just that simple. Complaining about it at every opportunity on a Giants blog won't make it go away. No matter how many times you do it. But, by all means, feel free to keep titling at windmills.

  18. weezer111111111115 you NEVER call a true blue Giants fan a dallas fan and think you will get away with it?

    go back to your moms basement cause I think she has some cookies and milk set up and maybe can wipe your mouth when you are done.

    and take your own advice about the not reading posts next time. you might look a little less than the 11 year old you are.

  19. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! How do u like it now dweezer!

  20. I second Russ's suggestion.

    Take your smarmy self-righteous sanctimonious preachy ass over to the Giants message boards. You'll fit right in with the 11 year olds.
    Then you can boil some water and steam the Obama bumper sticker off of your Suburu. You're embarrassing yourself.

  21. Hey Boys,

    Simmer down. Firstly, Dweez's comments were in jest and he is actually pretty funny. Wayno, I think you are funny too but in a completely different way. Russ, your skin was thin but get over it. All of you need to get over it. I enjoy reading all your posts for different reasons.

    Giants fans aren't all the same or have the same opinions so just cut each other some slack and show some respect. Did you all miss Kindergarten?.?.Geez! BTW, this little blog of Ernie's doesn't get much action, let's make it stronger....not weaker. No one goes anywhere.

    Now...enough with the PSL's! Please. Let's discuss Ramses Barden or Simtim's chances this year....or maybe Dillard or Goff in the middle.

    Chris B.

    Chris B.

  22. Don't be lecturing me on making this blog stronger. What we need is the greatest blogger in all of cyberspace to come back. PLEASE ERN!

  23. Let's flood all the other Giants blogs and tell them about this one. I don't think those people over at the other papers and BBI and BBV and all the rest of the BBs know about Ern. We need a mass movement so we can get E some pub and liven up this crowd.

    Who's with me?!?!

  24. Yeah, Dweez is "pretty funny".

    Maybe after a few bong hits of whatever YOU'RE smoking. He's about as funny as fingernails on a chalkboard and twice as grating.

  25. Didn't Ernie say to play nice?

  26. We were playing nice until that preachy nitwit started his usual lecturing and scolding. What a bore. Telling people what to post and what to say. He'd make a great "czar" for Obama. The "on line speech Csar".
    Hey Dweez: Bite me.

  27. See ya....

    Chris B.

  28. It's been a wek Ern, time to get back to work.

  29. Everyone - I just think it might be nice if a Dad or a Mom has some kid(s) that sit together and read this blog. Kinda like a family get-together on the net, and what better way than to have the ringmaster, Ernie, providing the platform and 3 rings? I am a clown of the rather silly party variety (Monty Pythonic of me) and since the internet was not around in 1970's...60's...1956, 1941..1938, 1934....1925, the history of the Giants will never get old, and it grows every year. Cherish the years it grows, repect the years its grown.

    I detest only writing about "good memories" because that would slant things in such a stilted way, that the man on stilts would topple over and I could not look in a mirror. The 1970's are the golden years of the Giants to me, not because they won anything of any significance, but they were my football team just the same.

  30. OK Ern, If u are not back after lunch I may have a panic attack. PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! Come Back!!!

  31. I agree Chris B. Ernie has a great blog going here and we as the loyal following need to bolster it up a bit. I also follow at the BBV and I know that Ernie and Ed Valentine do that Friday question/answer exchange. Everyone, keeping talking Ernie up. Despite the differences, I think the community that follows here is great. Everyone does have different opinions, which I think is an asset, and has lead to some good discussions in the past. We just all have to make sure to keep an open mind. Regarding Russ' history recounts, I was way too young to know the Giants in the 70s, only was able to understand the sport of football in the 80s. I found them interesting, but will have to agree that the 70s were not a great time for the Giants. I wouldn't want recounting of the Handley years (ugh...shiver). What I would love is some stories of the 50s into the 60s when the Giants were dominant.

    And Chris B, Barden will be a weapon if Gilbride figures out how to run an offense efficiently. I really hope that Dillard does not disappoint and carries his success as a Blackshirt to the Gmen.

  32. Panic attack ensuing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ERN PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE ARE YA????? WE NEED YA NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Many Giants fans are Yankee fans, so having said that, this came to mind....
    How very sad yet fitting that Bob Sheppard passed
    two days earler. He now can announce George's arrival at the pearly
    gates. "Now entering heaven, George M. Steinbrenner"....Apropos, don't you think?