Monday, July 26, 2010

More On Bulluck

The Giants will have a conference call with new LB Keith Bulluck this morning, so we'll have updates on him off that. Plus, the floor is open for anyone who cares to speak out about the signing. As I said yesterday, the way I look at this deal is, why not? It's not a tremendous amount of money, and Bulluck comes with the understanding that he's not being looked upon as a long-term solution.

In the meantime, take a look at this link. It'll get you to the pre-order page for the Maple Street Press Giants Yearbook, in which yours truly has a really interesting feature on Perry Fewell and the lineage of great Giants defensive coordinators. Just my humble opinion here, but you might want to get this thing to pass down to the kids, grandkids, and great grandkids to show them what real writing was all about back in the old days. Oh, yeah, my guys Ed Valentine, Ralph Vacchiano, and Patti Traina also have pieces in there. And it won't even cost you a sawbuck. A bargain, if you ask me.



  1. Any publication that has an Ernie P. article is a buy to me! 6 more days til camp!!!!!!!!!!

  2. A sawbuck = $10, a double sawbuck is $20 so the publication costs less than a double sawbuck...or less than a fin and a sawbuck

  3. Ugh. Gotta stop using these Old West expressions. The mag costs less than a double-sawbuck.

  4. What's the conversion frate from Sawbucks to bits and hay-pennies?