Monday, July 19, 2010

Story CCed To You

The Detroit News had a story on C.C. Brown, the newly-signed Lions safety we all got to know last year from constantly seeing the back of his uniform.

Seems he blames the New York media for all that happened to him. Oh, well. Here's hoping he can get his career back on track as a so-called "Box" safety in Detroit, and never, ever have to cover another pass again.



  1. Great article Ern! My favorite line pertaining to if he was a scapegoat:
    "I was, I was. Me being the new guy, I was the first guy on the block to be blamed. But it's all right. It's water under the bridge."

    It isn't water under the bridge here u LOSER! hahah ahhha ahahhah

  2. Interesting. I thought the media and fans called out the whole defense, especially the secondary. Poor Can't Cover Brown

  3.'s the media's fault that every Giant opponent's highlight video shows a receiver breaking free of CC and scoring.

  4. He should just bulk up and become a linebacker.

  5. Ernie,

    Clearly CC has been hitting the sauce, or something, to make those absurd comments. I thought the Lions were turning things around but signing him is like re-arranging the furniture on the Titanic.