Thursday, July 29, 2010

Promotional Me

Just a little self-promotion wrapped around doing a buddy a solid. I'm going to be on Giants Talk Radio tonight at 8:30 with Ed Valentine and Patti Traina. Might be worth a listen because everything -- and I mean EVERYTHING -- I say is brilliant.

They're actually getting started at 8, so don't be late. Word has it there may be a surprise or two in store. Besides me, I mean.



  1. rats - by the time i was done getting my kids bathed & in bed, only caught the tail end of this - and never logged into blogtalkradio before, so my question was posted late - what kind of impact do we think the receivers are going to have? we always seem deep on RB - is anyone besides Smith really going to be a major threat for us?

  2. WTF Ern???? Could we get a little notice? U did this last year too. Just 24 hours Notice on an appearance so we can tune in please. I'm super pissed at u. When r u going to Albany?

  3. The show is archived if you missed it. Click on the link Ernie posted to hear it.