Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And We're Off!

And we're back. Seems like old times, and that's a real good thing.

We're getting Tom Coughlin in a few minutes. But in the meantime, here's a few short thoughts on some stuff I missed while I was getting things together.

The release of David Tyree wasn't a shock at all, considering the injury problems he'd been fighting. But it did sadden me. He'd grown into a really great guy. And that Super Bowl catch was a real treat to watch. But reality is reality. He was making a lot of money for a guy who was primarily a special teams player, and there were growing signs that he was never going to be right again.

I hope everyone's wrong and he goes on and continues, and succeeds. He deserves a shot with somebody else.

Osi Umenyiora threw a fit and walked out of practice. Surprising for Osi, but symptomatic of today's athlete. Having worked in the real world for a few decades, one realizes that if an occasional run-in with the boss is the worst that ever happens to you, you're way ahead of the game. I think Osi probably learned that.

The young corps of wide receivers showed potential, but also much inconsistency in catching the ball. Can't have Steve Smith dropping open shots downfield. The fact that they got open, however, was encouraging. Oh, and don't put too much stock in Sinorice Moss' two touchdown catches in the finale. You're supposed to do that when you're playing against backups.

And for those of you who followed my musings on that "other" blog, I will readily admit I was totally wrong about Fred Robbins. He made it back in time for the preseason, played in games, and made the roster. Now, we'll see how that microfracture surgery holds up. I think they'll have to be very careful with him. But with him rotating with Chris Canty and maybe Leger Douzable (Jay Alford would have been better, but he's done for the season), Robbins might just make it through.

I'll be back in a while after Coughlin.


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  1. How nice to be able to read about the Giants without fighting through ads and videos and all that stuff other sites fill the page with. Thank you, Mr. Palladino.