Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Little Morning Robbins

We've been a little defense-heavy so far, but I think that's okay because, let's face it, who needs to read about a young, inconsistent receiving corps day after day?

Besides, with Chris Canty a borderline active Sunday and Terrell Thomas starting at left corner for hamstringed Aaron Ross, the defense is kind of a major story this week. And one of the most major of that is Fred Robbins, the defensive tackle I predicted wouldn't even make the roster because of his rehab from microfracture surgery.

Wrong! Robbins is now practicing fully. Has been for weeks. And he said he thinks the knee can hold up for the season.

Might be wishful thinking there. But he'll get his first test against the Redskins in a game that even he's surprised he's ready to play. After all, microfracture surgery is still a very iffy proposition for any athlete. About half of those who have it are never the same again, and another portion take more than a year to recover fully from it.

One can say Robbins made it ahead of time.

"The green light is set," Robbins said. "Yeah, I think I surprised myself a little bit. But when you're hungry -- we've got such a good group here, I had to get ready -- it's good motivation.

"It was surprising, but it's what I'd hoped and wished for."

Ideally, Robbins would rotate with Canty. But if Canty can't go, the Giants might just go with Justin Tuck in place of Robbins and pair Mathias Kiwanuka with Osi Umenyiora on the outside. Rocky Bernard and Barry Cofield would rotate at the nose.

Robbins said he feels he could go as long as he's needed, even a whole game if necessary.

"Definitely," he said. "But I don't need to do that. We've got a good group here, and there's a lot of years and experience in the league."

He's right about that. Between himself, Canty, Bernard, and Cofield, the foursome has 27 years of experience. And Canty, with four previous years with Dallas, has never missed a regular season game.

Robbins is the feel-good story of the bunch, though. Whether the knee holds up to allow him to make a significant contribution remains to be seen.


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