Friday, September 25, 2009

Going to Tampa?

Here's the second in our continuing series of good places to go if you're taking a Giants road trip. This week, Tampa.

Not really my favorite town, but there are good places to eat down there if you look for them. But one of them isn't -- and this is going to surprise most who've been there -- Bern's Steakhouse. Now, you have to understand, steakhouses get one chance with me. If the food's no good, I'm outta there, no matter what the rep. Bern's has one of the best reputations anywhere. But during the 1990 Super Bowl (Giants-Buffalo), Bern's served me one of the worst pieces of meat I'd ever had. Tough, leathery, tasteless. And worse, undersized. It was supposed to be a 16-ounce piece and came in around 10 oz.

When we brought this up to the waiter, he seemed insulted that we'd dare criticize the food. He grudingly brought over another three or four ounces of charred meat. Utterly disgraceful way to treat a customer. So, go to Bern's at your own risk.

In the years since, I've found several delightful places down there. Donatello's on Dale Mabry has wonderful Italian food, as does the chain restaurant Maggiano's. Maggiano's serves it up family-style, so if you don't like sharing, stay away.

Tell me your favorites. Where do you guys head?



  1. I think Maggiano's is nothing more than the olive garden and am surprised a paisono like u would endorse it. I do however agree with you when it comes to Bern's. Good steak but with a bit of an attitude because lets face it, Tampa aint no steak town so they are the only game in town. Afterwards I would head over to the world famous Mon's Venus. While in my old age (31) I am not a strip club man, WOW! Take the hot girls of NY and cut their lap dance prices in half and ghet twice more for a lap dance and u got Mon's.

  2. Ernie, narrow your search by scanning reviews on Yelp!