Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Phillips Has Surgery

This via Kenny Phillips' official website:

He had surgery yesterday to alleviate the patellofemoral arthritis in the left knee that put him on the IR and expects to resume his career next season. But he also expects a long rehab road ahead of him.

Famed orthopedist Dr. James Andrews performed the surgery in Alabama, and Phillips headed back to the area today to start rehabbing immediately.

"I don’t remember anything because I was under anesthesia," Phillips wrote. "My knee is wrapped up and I have a brace and crutches. They gave me a lot of meds. The knee doesn’t really hurt right now, but the meds are making me feel sick."

Those things will tend to do that. But watching his teammates try to improve to 4-0 this week probably won't help his demeanor, either.

"I won’t be at the games on the sidelines," he said. "I’ll probably watch at home on TV. But I’ll be at the facility first thing tomorrow to start my rehab. Nothing major at first, just icing and massages. I might get off these crutches in about 8 weeks."

Phillips said he won't even be able to run for four or five months.

"This kind of injury takes a long time to heal," he said. "It’s a long process, I can’t even run for 4-5 months. It’s going to be a while before I’m back to 100 percent."



  1. What kind of surgery? WaS it microfracture?

  2. thanks for the update EP. like the last poster, any news on what procedure was actually performed?

  3. Never mind... I got it! He had a microfracture surgical procedure to the trochlea according to Ralph Vacchiano's blog.