Thursday, October 1, 2009

Keeping It Together

Both RT Kareem McKenzie and LG Richie Seubert practiced yesterday despite their respective right knee and right shoulder problems. For Chris Snee, that's a sign that the unit that has taken the field together the last 35 regular season games will once again go as a coherent group Sunday in Kansas City.

"If you can practice on Wednesday, you can play on Sunday," Snee said.

See, there's a reason Eli Manning has left the last two games with a clean uniform. A big part of that is having a steady, able group lining up in front of you game after game. And when a line puts together a streak like this, well, it's a rarity.

Not that they haven't had their down times. Dallas ran over them for eight sacks last season. And they have had some problems getting the running game going this year. But they do tend to recover.

At any rate, it seems like the line will be whole once again come Sunday.

Here's Snee talking about the importance of keeping the line together.

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  1. give mike vanderjagt a workout?