Monday, October 26, 2009

Poll Alert!!!!

You'll notice on the left-hand side there's another poll, this one suggested by our regular commenter Wayno2424. It asks what the Giants' biggest problem is right now.

We'll keep it open until 5 p.m. tomorrow, so vote, vote, vote. And leave a comment on this post defending your vote.



  1. I would add to the list poor Linebacker cover play

  2. Between Killdrive and the 3 clod hopping linebackers..

    I would say is the biggest problems.

    Ofcourse it would help if Eli would throw to the wide open underneath guys.ala Nicks instead of the int to smith.

  3. I thought Eli did OK. There were some drops and questionable play calls.

    All the Defensive injuries combined with a lack of speed at LB is killing them, though...

    If the line can't generate a pass rush, our secondary (with the exception of Webster) is getting exposed.

  4. You had to spare ur nephew Lawrence, Ern???? Well, I was voting for Gilbride anyway.

  5. Eli had a pretty inaccurate day especially on his 3rd interception(Gilbride didn't throw 3 picks) and looked uncomfortable in the pocket. It certainly doesn't help when Manningham continues to run bad routes and dropping balls.

    Bruce Johnson got exposed last night he almost looks like he is a little bit lost at times, not saying he wont develop into a better player but he is a rookie. As every week passes it just proves how much we really need Canty, Ross, and Boley to get healthy.

  6. I agree with Jon - Canty, Ross and Boley are surely missed. As is Kenny Philips. I think Killdrive was brutal yesterday, completely abandoning the run and play action halfway through a close game.

    The defenses problem is obvious - there aren;t enough playmakers. And that's what Ross, Boley, Philips and Canty are. Boley and Philips are the team's two best blitzers - Clark, Pierce and Blackburn are too slow, hence the importance of Boley.

    There's no push in the middle of the line. Cofield is a no-name player and Robbins has brief, fleeting moments. The safeties stink. Michael Johnson is average and Brown is terrible. It completely limits what you can do when there's no speed on the back end.

    I don't know what the Giants can do - hope Boley, Ross and Canty come back, but safety is going to be a glaring weak spot all season. No amount of coaching can save those guys.

  7. The whole team is in disarray, O-line can't establish a dominance, the RBs can't catch and go down too easily or fumble, poor route running WR and no TE. A QB who over thinks. A MLB who runs his mouth more than his feet, terrible play from DBs and safeties, poor kicking game, every team starts from the 40 after I missing anything? This is a 9-7 or 8-8 team at best, they have a handful of winnable games left.