Monday, October 19, 2009

Some News

We're going to be talking about those linebackers and secondary for a long time this week. And we'll have some video for you later on. But before we do that, here's some news on the offensive front.

Tom Coughlin said RT Kareem McKenzie's groin injury may not be as serious as first thought. At least the way it looked today. Coughlin said there wasn't as much bleeding in there.

"He seemed to be doing better," Coughlin said. "There wasn't as much bleeding as there could have been, so strain or tear."

Coughlin said he won't know if McKenzie is a possibility for Sunday until Wednesday at the earliest.

Also, it appears the back injury that sent WR Mario Manningham to the bench late in the game wasn't serious, though Coughlin won't know that definitively until Wednesday. "We're hoping he's going to be fine," the coach said.

The other injury news isn't as glowing. DT Chris Canty, who refused to acknowlege that he underwent a procedure to stem the bleeding in his injured left calf last week, is listed as out for Wednesday's practice. Though he said he's listed as "day-to-day," it could still be a while before he gets back to practice, much less resume his role in the interior rotation.

He did say the excessive swelling, reportedly caused by the bleeding, has diminished.

"I'm getting antsy right now," said Canty, who hasn't even been out in the rehab area the last two weeks, at least during the media's allotted time at practice. "This is the best it's felt since I injured it (in Kansas City). It feels very good. I'm excited about the progress."

CB Aaron Ross said it remains a matter of time before his hamstring tear heals enough to allow him to practice. He said he wanted to run today, but the medical staff held him back.

"It's getting better, but I can't tell until I'm out there," Ross said. "I'm ready. Anytime I feel better, I'm ready to try it out. I just want to be out there."

Coughlin wouldn't mind having Ross out there, either. Or Canty. Or linebacker Michael Boley, who is still some time away from coming back after arthoscopic knee surgery.

A suggestion on whether Ross might be well-suited for safety, thereby providing an upgrade in speed over the slower C.C. Brown, was shrugged off by Coughlin. Not necessarily because it's an outlandish thought, but because until Ross gets back, it's not an issue.

"I sure would like to get our whole roster back again," Coughlin said. "That's not for me to say just yet."

Sounded like it could be a future move, though.



  1. What about Sintim? I am def surprised that Mac is OK. I thought Beatty played pretty well.

  2. Wayno2424:

    Didn't ask about Sintim. But I will tell you he has been practicing and working fully. My only guess right now (I'll see if I can find out something more definitive on Wednesday) is that Sintim was a victim of special teams numbers game. Since Bryan Kehl, Gerris Wilkinson, and Zak DeOssie are all regulars on specials, Sintim was the odd man out. Remember, Kehl was down injured last week, and Sintim was up in his place. Like I said, I'll try to get more definitive info on that Wednesday.