Wednesday, October 14, 2009

On Hixon

I can't really get a true handle on what Tom Coughlin said about Sinorice Moss' work as a returnman last week. But the fact that he indicated Domenik Hixon would return to his special teams duties eventually tells me he's at least contemplating a change at kickoff and punt returner. Still, he wouldn't bash Moss outright for his muffed punt at the 5 that led to the Raiders lone score.

"A turnover is a turnover, and the field position was awful," Coughlin said. "But you have to realize it is a calculated risk when the ball is on the ground and the returner has to understand exactly where the ball is going to go. I think the ball took a real severe bounce and caught him off-guard and hit him in the helmet."

Asked if the right play when a ball lands inside the 20 is simply to let it roll dead, Coughlin said, "Not necessarily. It depends on the punt."

On the other hand, Coughlin did indicate that while Hixon may not displace Mario Manningham as a starting receiver, he would increase the special teams work he does so well. Yesterday's practice, during which he fielded punts with Moss, seemed to indicate a move was in the offing, if not this week, then certainly soon if Moss continues his problems.

"(Hixon) is always going to be involved (in the passing game)," Coughlin said. "And his special teams role will come back as well."


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  1. What is he talking about "severe bounce?" Up by 28, inside the 20, u DO NOT TOUCH the ball. Coughlin is back to being tough on Tynes (issue on extra point, lol) but now he has Moss to coddle. Dress Barden, Deactivate Moss, let hixon return on both teams and be a gunner.