Friday, October 9, 2009

Eli Practices

Feeling a little under the weather with what seems to be a cross between the bubonic plague and the galloping crud, so decided to protect the Giants from an epidemic illness by staying home. But my guys are out there working overtime for me.

They (Ralph, Mike, Tom, the whole bunch) are reporting that, as I suspected, Eli Manning took at least some work in the individual drills. He worked with the first unit in the walk-through portion of practice, before they kicked out the media. Who knows how much team work he actually did, but we do know his right heel was heavily taped and he walked with no limp. He was even seen hopping comfortably in the pocket.

David Carr also took snaps with the first team, so it's not a lock that Manning plays Sunday. But my money is on him. I said a couple of days ago that if we saw him on the practice field today, he'd play on Sunday. And he was. So look for him to make his 83rd consecutive start.

A guy who might not play is tight end Kevin Boss. He was on the side with his sprained right ankle, riding the bike and doing abdominal exercises. Doesn't look good for him, and that's pretty big. May be the biggest offensive loss besides Eli's potential sidelining. Why? Because Boss is Manning's ultimate safety outlet. Not only does he have good hands, but Boss is arguably one of the most intelligent receiving tight ends in the league. He knows exactly where to go when Manning scrambles away from pressure, and his heady play has already resulted in several key receptions.

If he doesn't play, it will be Travis Beckum taking his spot. The kid's good, but he understanbly doesn't have the rapport Boss has formed with Manning. The two have an unspoken communication going, kind of like what Phil Simms had with Mark Bavaro. That's a nice complement to the growing connection between Manning and Steve Smith. And that's two more connections than backup quarterback David Carr would have.

Also wondering if LB Bryan Kehl will play. He worked with just a small splint on his surgically repaired left index finger. Looks like a quick healer, so maybe he'll be back on specials come Sunday. Also, WR Domenik Hixon (knee), RB Ahmad Bradshaw (ankle and foot), RB Danny Ware (elbow), and LB Clint Sintim (groin) were practicing. Would be fun to see Sintim active and taking a couple of situational pass rushes.

Be back later with any other news that leaks out.


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  1. Boy Ern I thought Tynes was your nephew but I guess Boss is. Rapport along the lines of Simms and Bavaro???? I think this illness is making u a little loopy. Boss has decent hands (see over the middle drop inside the 50 against the Bucs) and is serviceable but certainly not dynamic with a much lower ceiling than Beckum. Did u see those two grabs Beck had in back to back weeks. I am excited to see him play. Get better Ern.