Monday, October 12, 2009

Some Happy Highlights

Here are some highlights of yesterday's 44-7 win over the Raiders to get you started. We're not out at Giants Stadium today, as Tom Coughlin is giving his players a "Victory Monday" away from meetings. But we will get comments from him and the players later on, so I'll be back.

In the meantime, give a glance over to the New York Times' Fifth Down blog where yours truly summarized the win. I gave you a much more detailed summary right here, but hey, the Times is the Times.

Here are the highlights.


  1. Nice Summary Ern. Just another step in people recognizing this blog as the best place to get Giants news. Thanx for the highlights. Are u hearing anything else on Bradshaw, Eli or Manningham this morning? I wonder if Shockey is going to start yapping?

  2. Wayno2424:

    Oh, I'm sure Mr. Shockster will have something to say this week.

    Nothing yet on the three players. We'll hear more this afternoon.

  3. Any truth the rumor that more kickers will be coming to the Meadowlands this week?

  4. here's a point I haven't been seeing made enough At all.

    44 yards.

    Total number of receiving yards opposing number one Wide Receivers have against Corey Webster and the New York Giants.

    He's been Outstanding this season. All-pro the best CB no one talks about...