Monday, October 26, 2009

Something New

I know you've all been waiting for me to make my formal entrance into the feature film world. Well, here it is. In my never-ending effort to unseat Martin Scorcese as America's premier film maker, I've gone high-tech to get a message across.

In this case, I've melded together interviews from Shaun O'Hara, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Eli Manning about the agony of losing to Arizona. You may want to take a sedative before viewing the most intense minute and 40 seconds you'll ever experience.

Note the advanced cinematic effects: transitions between players, the Citizen Kane upshots, the soft lighting that creates a feeling of global numbness in the face of environmental defeat.

Okay, it doesn't really have all that. It's just three guys talking about losing the game. But you get the picture. And hey, I'm not charging $9.50 to watch.

Moral of the story: Don't turn the ball over on two consecutive drives in the final four minutes of a seven-point game.

If you guys like the film, we'll do more down the road.



  1. Ermie

    I did not watch the game over but my forst impression was that the receivers were not open and a lot of throws were thrwon into tight coverage. On 2 of the interceptions, the receivers need to fight for the ball.

  2. Move over Coppola, Ernie P is in town.

  3. good stuff ernie. I can never check the site the day after a loss. I always need a break for a day or 2.

  4. At times all I could think of while watching the game was that on the offensive side the coaches and players seemed to be clueless on how to move the ball. And I totally agree with Anonymous, the receivers need to fight for the ball. Glad to see the defense coming alive! Let's get it together and beat the Eagles now.