Thursday, October 22, 2009

Practice Notes

Just came in from practice and it looks like there is some potentially bad news on Ahmad Bradshaw. He was out there, but not practicing and wearing the boot again on his right foot, one day after taking his first midweek snaps in a couple of weeks. I'd have thought he'd be practicing again today. Have to ask Coughlin if he set himself back.

The good news was that Antonio Pierce's stiff back yesterday wasn't serious. He was back working today. The only ones not practicing besides Bradshaw were DT Chris Canty (calf), LB Michael Boley (knee), and CB Aaron Ross (hamstring), the last of whom was on the sidelines doing lunge-type exercises with a trainer.

Here's some video.



  1. Hi Ernie,

    How is Canty coming along? Any idea when we can expect him back at practice?

  2. Canty's coming slowly, and we probably won't see him until after the bye.

  3. Good videos Ernie, glad to hear Danny Ware is starting to come around. I think we are in for a suprise with him when he gets healthy, you think we might see him get some snaps this week?

  4. How does Barden look running with the scout squad and pretending to be Larry Fitz? Does coach Tom have any plays for Sintim this week?