Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Polls Are Closed

The votes to our most recent poll are in, and a whopping 54 percent of you said the Giants' biggest problem right now is offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride's gameplan.

Of the 210 who voted before today's 5 p.m. deadline, 114 blamed it all on Gilbride, who has come under much fire from you folks over the past few years. Granted, some of it is deserved, like when he turns predictable once the offense gets close to the goal line. But, c'mon, people. Eli checks out of a run to throw a bomb out of bounds to Mario Manningham on third-and-2? That's not Gilbride's fault. Unless, of course, you're suggesting Tom Coughlin remove the ability to change a play from Manning's list of adjustments.

The secondary -- and no, we're not just talking about C.C. Brown here -- was the second most popular culprit. The DBs drew 39 votes, or 18 percent. The pass rush's ineffectiveness drew 31 votes, or 14 percent, and Manning's current spate of inaccuracy drew 23 votes, or 10 percent.

Brandon Jacobs, whose rushing problems seemed cured in a 13-carry, 76-yard, one-touchdown outing against the Cardinals, came out nearly unscathed. Only three people, a mere 1 percent of the vote, came out for him. Even Ralph Nader had a couple of more votes in his run against Obama. But Jacobs shouldn't feel bad. This poll was like one big golf game -- the fewer strokes, the better.

We'll do more polls down the road. Thanks to Wayno2424 for suggesting the poll in the first place. I don't know about you folks, but I feel just a little more American for it.



  1. It's good to see your readers are paying attention, even if Gilbride isn't. He clearly learned nothing from last year's playoff debacle.

    A significant part of him-- the part Buddy Ryan tried to slug-- wants to run the Houston run n' shoot.

    It's not automatic that they'd win with better balance, but it's a lot more likely.

  2. No big shock. I've said it before it always seems like the Giants run the ball when they should throw and throw the ball when they should run it. Now how much of that is KGs fault and how much is Manning's fault I don't know.

    It definitely seems to me that the Giants are throwing the ball more than they did last year. I wonder if the recent success of Smith, Manningham, and Nicks is the reason?

  3. Thanks for the shout out Ern! It's great to see so many people voting on ur site as there is no other place to come for the best Giants info. Can't wait for the chat on Friday.

  4. Gogolacking says

    I'm not sure if Gilbride controls the pace, but I'd like to see the Giants play more "up tempo"

    To be honest, I want to see coach Tom take control of this team. It doesn't seem like his team right now, for whatever reason. They're not crisp.
    I want to see Canty and Ross back on the field. Personally i don't expect Boley to be back from a knee. This is a division game, win them and your in the playoffs.
    The Eagles looked very much like the Cardinals, lots of pressure via the blitz, and a deep threat offense.
    When I watch an Andy Reid team, I think that he has 3 or 4 plays that he knows will work, and its just a matter of setting them up and executing. When I see us, I think we have 1 or 2 such plays.

  5. I agree with GoGo, this doesn't seem like Coughlin's team right now. Maybe Eli has too much control, I dunno, but I want them to return to being a dominant running team. whether this is Gilbrides fault I dunno, but lets pound the ball

  6. If memory serves me correct, Eli checked out of run due to 8 in the box. You're right though, he should have thrown a higher percentage pass. My problem with KG is his predictability. Rarely do I see a traditional I-formation, which is what we should be running more often, given our rushing ability. If I see one more shotgun, handoff to BJ or AB, I will vomit, especially on our own 2!! Use the run to set up a playaction or a flea flicker, have not seen one of those since Collins/Barber. You're right Sec. 128, he does want a run n' shoot offense, but that never won a Super Bowl. KG is on thin ice in my book!