Monday, October 19, 2009

The Lowlights

At the risk of ruining your morning coffee, here are some of the highlights (lowlights) from yesterday.

Watch at your own risk.



  1. If I played those highlights I think I might vomit. I would love to hear what Coughlin or Sheridan (I know Coughlin won't let his assistants talk) have to say. Not only did the GMEN get thumped but the Eagles were my knockout pick last week and I was listening to the game on Sirius rooting for them. Remind me never to pick them or the Cowgirls EVER! I guess it is what i deserved.

  2. Hey Ern, any rumblings on the trade front? Safety who can cover??

  3. Ernie, don't post lowlights. Next up Cardinals. Let's focus on how we will stop them from doing the same thing. Put Warner in Shotgun and throw all day, we'll see it for the rest of the season. The front office really needs to find a way to pick up some safety help. Any news on Manningham?