Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Game

UPDATE: Tuck with a sack and strip and Umenyiora with a recovery at the 28. Carr hits Darcy Johnson at the 15, and now there's six seconds left after a personal foul to Tommy Kelly. Tynes hit a 25-yard field goal for a 31-7 lead at halftime. That's it. I'm out. Be back later with a full summary. In the meantime, talk among yourselves.

UPDATE: Bradshaw hurt himself on his long run for a first down. Looks like a lower back or a hamstring. Manning finished up with a perfect quarterback rating. Not bad for a guy with a bum heel. Meanwhile, Carr throws a nice deep ball to Nicks, who couldn't get his second foot inbounds.

UPDATE: Weird stuff going on with the Giants. Moss fielded the kickoff like he didn't now what he's doing, having to fall on the kickoff as it squibs around. And Dave Tollefson picks up a personal foul on the same play. The only one who looks smart right now is Tom Coughlin, who put Manning on the bench for David Carr. We'll see Carr the rest of the game.

UPDATE: Michael Bush finally goes five yards up the middle for a touchdown that was completely Moss' fault. Giants 28-7 with just over two minutes to play.

UPDATE: Sinorice Moss loused up a punt and the Raiders recovered at the 15. Not what you want to be doing with a big lead. Then Brown commits a dumb pass interference call at the 5. Justin Fargas fumbled caused by C.C. Brown, but officials ruled Fargas' forward progress was stopped and the play is not reviewable.

UPDATE: Raiders just picked up their first first down. Giants haven't stopped playing, though, as Thomas makes a great breakup deep on Louis Murphy.

UPDATE: Giants have to punt. Goodness.

UPDATE: Here's how bad Russell is. 275 pounds and gets up a good head of steam on a scramble and third-and-4 and he still gets brought down short. Three-and-out.

UPDATE: Speak of the devil. Terrell Thomas streaks in and strips him for the first sack of the game. Justin Tuck recovers at the 13. Manning finds Hakeem Nicks between linebackers Thomas Howard and Kirk Morrison in the end zone for a 28-0 lead.

UPDATE: Left tackle Mario Henderson is down. The Raiders' offensive line is a disaster, anyway, and I'm wondering when the Giants are going to start pummeling Russell. Not that they need to, since Russell is doing a great job of looking like a bad NAIA quarterback all on his own.

UPDATE: Question. Manning will finish the half, certainly. But do you bring him in for the second half, assuming the score stays at least 21-0?

UPDATE: That didn't take long. Manningham beats Chris Johnson easy to the back of the end zone and Manning hit him perfectly on the first play of the second quarter. Giants 21-0. Go ahead. Take the kid outside and throw a ball around. This one was over in the first quarter.

UPDATE: Second three-and-out for Oakland. Bradshaw snapped off a 24=yard run from the 6 to get the Giants out of a hole. McKenzie stupid personal foul costs them 15 yards. Guys have to remember that the further this game gets out of hand, the chippier it's going to become. But how bad are these Raiders. Manning and Bradshaw got them out of third-and-24 with a 55-yard pickup off a screen. Raiders can't get in position, can't fend off a block, can't tackle. This drive, which started at the 6, should end up in another touchdown. End of first, 14-0 Giants.

UPDATE: Ah, so much for Eli struggling. He just heaved it 43 yards and hit Steve Smith perfectly in coverage. Then Ahmad Bradshaw did the rest with a 19-yard carry to the 19, and then the rest of the way untouched on a cutback pitch. Giants 14-0, and they haven't broken a sweat yet.

UPDATE: Nice pressure on third-and-6 led by Osi Umenyiora, and great breakup on the other end by C.C. Brown.

UPDATE: Can't wait to see JaMarcus Russell. Doubly can't wait to see the pass rush against him. Let's see if they crank it right away.

UPDATE: Eli's looking a bit shaky so far, even though he's completing passes to Steve Smith and Travis Beckum. Could be a little sore on the plant, causing the ball to sail a bit. But he's moving the team. They get helped by a pass interference call, and then a swing pass to Jacobs ato the 11. Jacobs is running like a bull now, and he gets to the 5. Giants go with the heavy line with Beatty at tight end. They tried to push Jacobs over the goal line, but he goes down at the 1. Third and goal from the 1 and Jacobs is taken down on the back side. They go for it on fourth-and-goal from the 1 and Bradshaw takes it over for a 7-0 lead. Wonderful drive, eating up 8:03 of the first quarter.

UPDATE: Here we go. Moss takes the opening kickoff back to thed 23 and it's Eli at quarterback. Had to know that Friday, right?

About 15 minutes to kickoff. Remember, leave all the comments right here.



  1. Unless someone bolts the door to their locker room and pumps laughing gas in, The Giants should kill the Raiders today.

    Hell, they might even pull off the win from the locker room by thinking real hard.

  2. No need to recap the second half . Heavy doses if gartrell jonhson and carr are uneccessary to report.

  3. Whatta joke. Cable should be arrested for being a fat ass MORON and I would enjoy telling him that to his face. If he wants to work in football again I hope he likes Canada.

  4. Wow. This game was like playing Madden on "easy" for the Giants. I guess Oakland really IS that bad.