Monday, October 26, 2009

Boss Sore

Amid all the other issues surrounding the Giants' loss last night, here's something else. Kevin Boss was sore around the neck area, but at least he doesn't have a concussion.

Tom Coughlin said he doesn't know if Boss will be available for practice Wednesday, but the helmet-to-helmet hit that sent him for x-rays after the game did not produce a concussion.

He was impressed with the 25-yard catch that caused everything, though. Antrel Rolle hit him immediately, and high, and Boss held onto the ball despite being knocked woozy.

"He's sore today, and rightfully so," Coughlin said. "He's taken a heck of a blow and he's sore in the shoulders and the neck area. Unbelievable catch."

Kareem McKenzie, meanwhile, said he'll continue to take things day by day in his comeback from last week's groin injury. He warmed up before the game, but the medical staff told him he wasn't ready to play.

"It was very difficult watching my teammates go without me," McKenzie said. "But you have to be mature about these things. I have to deal with it the best I can. You just have to be positive about these things and take it day by day."

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