Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kiwi and Boss on Shockey

Here are a couple of videos showing Mathias Kiwanuka and Kevin Boss talking about facing their old teammate Jeremy Shockey on Sunday. You may recall that Shockey's last year here was Boss' first, and Boss often credited Shockey with teaching him a lot of the ins and outs of tight end play.

Too bad we couldn't get Eli Manning to say what he really felt about the guy who refused to show up at preseason conditioning programs and who put up a fuss when the ball wasn't thrown his way during games. But Manning's not like that.

So here's Boss.

And here's Kiwanuka.


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  1. Ernie - PLEASE buy a decent microphone. The audio is terrible! Good job on the blog, but you need to tighten up these video segments.