Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Preliminary Injuries

Here's the preliminary injury report. Keep in mind that DT Chris Canty (calf) is still not ready to practice, as per Coughlin on Monday. And LB Michael Boley is still a couple of weeks away from resuming work after arthroscopic knee surgery following the Kansas City game.

LB Michael Boley (knee), RB Ahmad Bradshaw (foot and ankle), DT Chris Canty (calf), QB Eli Manning (foot), WR Mario Manningham (back), T Kareem McKenzie (groin), CB Aaron Ross (hamstring), G Rich Seubert (shoulder), and RB Danny Ware (elbow).

The Giants have also placed DT Anthony Bryant on the practice squad injured list and have signed DT Dwayne Hendricks to the practice squad.



  1. Another DT???? How about a safety??? Any plans to promote any of the ballbags currently on the practice squad??

  2. Any indication when any of the walking wounded will be ready to return. I heard Boley will return after the bye week. What is the time line for Ross? Is Ware available now? I thought he practised last week.

    Any inside news on whether they are considering using any of the younger linebackers at least in cover situations? Clark, Pierce and Blackburn can not do the job? Thoughts on Blackburn replacing Pierce. He seems more effective when he is in the game.

  3. When everyone says Boley is "a couple weeks away" are we talkin'.....Philly/San Diego game "couple" or post bye week "couple"? After seeing how well he played in Dallas I'm really impatient waiting for him to come back. We REALLY needed him last week. That Shockey TD NEVER happens with Boley in coverage.

  4. gggggg-men:

    We're talking getting back into action the week after the bye, if everything goes right for Boley. Canty? Who knows? He's not practicing. And Ross remains out, too, with no timeline for him to get back to work.

  5. I do not understand people that want Blackburn to replace Pierce. Yeah he isn't the quickest guy on the field. But, he is the on field coach. He reads the play pre-snap and gets the rest of the players in position. In my opinion I think pierce is the most important player on the defense. Ernie, what do you think about this?

  6. I like Pierce but he rarely makes plays behind the line and can not cover. I also think Blackburn is underrated as a middle backer.