Monday, October 19, 2009

What To Do?

Obviously, the Giants need help on defense, particularly at the linebacker and safety positions. But what's the solution.

With the trade deadline looming a little more than 24 hours away, the Giants might want to consider picking up a faster safety to replace C.C. Brown, who was last seen chasing another Saint toward the goal line. But who, and how much would they be willing to give up? This year's second or third-rounder plus? Besides, they also have Aaron Rouse on the roster. Could he not be elevated to replace Brown?

The linebacking problem will be solved in part when Michael Boley returns from his knee surgery. However, he's still a couple of weeks away from even running, so the Giants will have to continue to make due with a starting three of Chase Blackburn, Antonio Pierce, and Danny Clark. That's certainly not ideal speed-wise, but one would think substituting Gerris Wilkinson and Bryan Kehl would at least help the situation.

I haven't heard any rumblings yet about a potential trade, and given the Giants' history one won't be forthcoming. The only member of the current roster who came via a non-draft day trade is Lawrence Tynes, and he arrived in May of 2007.

So I ask you. What's your solution? If it's a trade for a safety, who would you trade for and what would you give up for him? What would you do about the linebackers? Or would you just stand pat and hope for the best?

Personally, I don't think the Giants have many options outside the existing roster here. I think whatever solution they come up with will lie right inside that locker room.

On other issues, we're waiting for the locker room to open up so we can gauge how severely Kareem McKenzie's groin was injured. I'll also look into Manningham and a host of other items. And believe me, after yesterday's debacle, there are plenty.



  1. My solution is to agree with whatever Jerry Reese does. If he doesn't think they should change anything, neither do I. We'll see in 24 hours.

  2. There are a lot of bad teams that would probably unload a serviceable safety for a 2nd day pick. I will throw this name out there, James Butler.

  3. The one name out there big big upside is Merriman. The question is, is he healing slowly or is he done. That guy was a game changer back in the day.

    Generally, let's not panic. Boley will be back and hopefully Ross at some point.

    We lost a read game vs a very good team. Eli din't play particularly well and we got some bad breaks. I think that we go 12-4 and make the playoffs. In the playoffs, the healthy and hot team wins.

  4. BILL SHERIDAN: Dial up the blitz!!! It will make up for laspes in coverage. That's the answer at saftey/linebacker.

  5. Let's face it, the Saints match up as good as any team in the NFL against the Giants. For linebacker I think the Giants should be OK.

    Boley will be back (hopefully) and Blackburn, Kehl and Wilkinson are serviceable.

    Now for safety - it's clear the Giants and more notably CC Brown were exploited by the Saints. So was Kevin Dockery for that matter. But let's focus on Brown - is he the new Dave Thomas? i hope not. They do have Aaron Rouse, but how good if he?

    I like the idea of trying to bring Butler back. What about looking into Gibril Wilson? Is his contract too big? Will Miami let him go? CC was badly outplayed yesterday. He was lost. And in a big game against a legit quarterback you can't have him on the field. Even when he was in perfect position to make a play he couldn't.

  6. I don't think we should panic. Yesterday was a day where everything went the Saints' way and not much went the Giants' way. Those deep bombs that Eli's been hitting all year were either just off the mark or dropped yesterday. Brandon Jacobs was running with power until he got a stinger in his back.

    Defensively, the Saints' offense was in rare form. Brees put the ball exactly where it needed to be every time he threw it. I don't think the linebackers/secondary played too poorly, I think it was more of a fact that there was NO pressure up front at all. Any back 7 will get exposed if the other team's all pro-qb can just sit back there and wait.

    Canty will really help. So will Aaron Ross. So will Boley. Its a tough stretch before the bye week, though, with home games to potent passing offenses in Arizona and San Diego and an always tough visit to Philadelphia. We're still in the driver's seat in the East.

    If we can go 2-1 in these next three games, we'll go into the bye at 7-2 with some momentum for a tough final stretch with a (hopefully) healthy defense.

  7. We played a QB that almost beat Marino's record last year. I don't think we should get drastic. Let's try some better defensive game planning next game. Cardinals are another solid opponent. The Saints was a wake-up call and if we can't rattle Warner in the Meadowlands in October, THEN we have issues....but none are roster issues.

    Once Ross is back, I'd rather see Thomas at Safety (He played some S in the past right?). Ross's speed is needed in coverage. On obvious run downs, Brown is still solid, but against a pass happy offense I'd like Web-Ross-M.Johnson-Thomas in the secondary.....IF ROSS EVER GETS BACK.

    Not time to pull the fire alarm just yet. This isn't a's more like a burning smell from the toaster; COULD BE a fire about to burst out or it COULD JUST BE some burned toast.

  8. People, lets settle down here. I agree with everyone saying that Brown was awful but I mean are there posts really thinking about bringing back James Butler? If Reese wanted to sign him he could have offered him something in the offseason and he let him walk. The Giants have to hope that this was a bad day for the defense in general. In fact the whole defensive line I thought was much worse than Brown. The reason Brown looked the way he did was because Brees basically just sat back there with all the time in the world to throw.

    The best remedy for this problem is for the D line to get more pressure on the QB so the secondary doesnt have to cover for 5 seconds.

  9. how about trade for a d-cordinator that can dial up a couple of blitzs i wasnt aware Tim Lewis was rehired

  10. Need more speed at Linebacker. Play Wilkinson at libebacker (until he gets hurt). Hopefully Boley is back by then.

    We need Ross back at CB and move Thomas to FS like the other posters mentioned.

    Having Canty back can't hurt. Maybe he could have helped block some of those passes from Brees.

    And Play Sintim. He must be faster than Clark. Ask Warren Sapp what he thinks about Clark...

    I think we're ok on offense. Just can't get down 21-3 that quickly.

  11. I think I know what happened yesterday. I jinxed them. I haven't been able to go to a Giants game in years, and a good friend of mine is a huge Saints fan. So he invited me to go to the game with him. I think, for the sake of the team i should stay away! That was painful!

    Seriously, it seems like they don't have a lot of options at safety. My big question would be, with the defensive line the Giants have, why did they get almost no pressure on Breez? Was it Sheridan's calls? Was it the players? I think fixing that would go a long way to improving the safeties. They can't sit back and not blitz against the likes of Breez.

    And Warner.................

  12. Yeah Ernie do you know what the deal with Sintim was yesteday?? I know he was working through injuries the last few weeks but he played in Oakland, was he a healthy scratch?

  13. I would stand pat. Sooner or later the injuries were going to catch up to us.

  14. Ern--- Get us a Sintim update that was a curious inactive.

    Valid points in this thread
    Brees is a great qb
    Terrell Thomas should play some safety
    Sheriden needs to call the blitz
    Canty and Ross will help

    Invalid points
    It was all Brees- I think I could have led a drive or two in that game. The coverage was abysmal
    Who needs Butler?- Reese let him go when the Fiants had one of the best young safeties as his roamer.
    There is nothing to worry about- that was bad and it isn't getting any better until the Giants address personell thru waivers, recovered players or trade. The Game plan was shown and half the league can run that including most of the remaining opponents.

  15. Our linebackers are a big problem for this defense ( along with the safeties). Think about this: Of the draft picks we've made at LB, how many have cracked the starting lineup? Zero. They have all been been busts-so far. Reese admitted as much when he went out in the off-season and picked up Boley and Clark. I am so dam tired of seing Pierces' number 58 running 10 yards behind a receiver! The poor guy cant cover anyone beyond 5 yards from the line of scrimmage. Of and how about our D-line? these guys have been living off their reps for the past 6 games! Osi got exposed in the Cowboys game and Kiwinuka? MIA!!