Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Couple of Rules

Just a couple of rules reminders about commenting on the blog.

First, let's stay away from any kind of profanity. We've got kids around here. I also think our commenters are intelligent enough to come up with other words to describe their emotions. We're trying to run a classy joint around here, so let's keep it clean.

Second, and this is new because there seems to be a trend developing, let's lay off the other writers/bloggers/etc. Everybody handles their job in their own way, and we all have different responsibilites. While I appreciate the support -- believe me, I can't ever get enough of that, and I love to hear it -- please recognize that the Giants press room is peopled with one of the most outstanding press corps in American sportswriting. I'd hate for this blog to become a spot where other outstanding writers are criticized and downgraded. So rip away at me if you wish, but if you have a beef with somebody else, better to take it directly to them.

The management thanks you for your kind attention and continued patronage.


1 comment:

  1. Yo Ern, I'll stop ripping ur boy from the news. I don't want to piss u off. Besides this one, great posts today!