Saturday, October 10, 2009

Eli's Comin'!

But don't hide your heart, girl!

Sorry. Couldn't resist a little Three Dog Night paraphrase on a Saturday morning. Just know that Eli Manning participated in the usual Saturday morning walk-through (or jog-through as Tom Coughlin calls it). That's yet another positive sign that he'll be playing tomorrow.

With David Carr reporting that Manning's mechanics and movement looked good in Friday's practice, it's pretty obvious Manning will continue his starting string that now stands at 82 straight, including the playoffs. Whether Coughlin deems a third quarterback necessary, just in case, will be known by 4 p.m. today, when they either do or don't sign Rhett Bomar from the practice squad.

I'd recommend the move either way, since I've never been a real fan of keeping just two quarterbacks on the roster. I've seen instances where a team has lost both starter and immediate backup for considerable time within a handful of plays, so I always want that third guy ready to go in. To not have three is just inviting trouble. Coughlin got away with it last year, but he'd be wise to take Manning's heel injury as a warning omen and make the move whether Manning can play or not.

That's just me, though. Oddly -- and I'm a little offended here -- Coughlin hasn't consulted with me on any of this. So I guess he and Jerry Reese will just make that decision themselves. Harummphhh!!!!



  1. If Eli missed this game he would never hear the end of it from his brother. What's his streak at now? Over 200 for sure. Nah, E won't have it. He'll be out there tomorrow.

  2. Ern, seriously what's up with Ralph's hair? Tell him to get it nice snd tight like u.

  3. They should not sign bomar. If it gets to him they will lose anyway and whimper or koets roster spot should go to another kicker. How about a compromise? Let Tynes kick field goals for now and bring in a young kicking prospect who can kick it out of the emdzone every time. If Tynes screws up at least they have him and by then Carney could come back too. Would u be opposed to that Uncle Ern?

  4. Wayno2424:

    Personally, I'd rather spend the roster spot on a quarterback. Two kickers is definitely a luxury that most teams, especially an injury-prone team like the Giants, really can't afford. You can always find another kicker if my neph-, er, uh, Tynes degenerates further, so just make that change when you have to.

    As for Ralph's hair, if I ever criticized that, he'd come right back at me for my wild Andy Rooney eyebrows. That scares me, so I'll leave the styling tips to you.

  5. If the Giants want to spend it on a qb they should spend it on Garcia at the last possible second if Eli was to be seriously hurt. As is he is not and the Giants don' t need two spots for whimper and koets. Boothe and Beatty are clearly ahead and Koets probably shouldn't even be on the team with his injury and his terrible play.