Thursday, October 29, 2009

On Bradshaw

Most likely, Ahmad Bradshaw is going to need surgery in the offseason on his injured right foot. But for now, he'll just go with the same practice schedule as he's had the past several games:

Rest in a protective boot early in the week, limited work on Friday, and play on Sunday.

His visit with North Carolina ankle specialist Dr. Robert Anderson confirmed that the course of action the Giants have taken is the best way to keep him active on Sunday. X-rays revealed a fractured right fifth metatarsal (midfoot past the pinky toe). It could break through if they're not careful.

"I really didn't notice it at first," Bradshaw said. "It felt like a little bruise on the outside of my foot. It's been there since, like, a month ago."

In addition, Bradshaw is still getting over a sprained ankle.

"The ankle is here and there," he said. "It's pretty much an old fracture that we've taken care of, and that's just how it grew over. There's a couple of bone spurs and loose bones, but otherwise it's just a lot of pain. It doesn't slow me down at all."

The Giants are keeping an eye on the metatarsal fracture by resting him, and then sending him out on gameday with extra padding and orthotics inside his shoe.

"I'm pretty sure I'll feel it if it breaks," Bradshaw said. "We're doing everything possible to keep it from breaking all the way through. More than likely, I'll need an operation at the end of the year."

But as Tom Coughlin said, "Possibly, but that's a long way off."

Unless it breaks clean through.

In other injury news, LB Michael Boley did some running and took light work in individual drills. "I got in and worked on some run fits (basically low-motion positioning drills)," he said. "I'm coming along good."

Boley said it's a distinct possibility that he'll be back for the week after the bye, which comes after next week's game against San Diego. Judging by the relative activity of the two today, DT Chris Canty appears closer to playing. But both may be out until after the bye, though Coughlin said he has no concrete plans to put Canty off that long.

"It depends on what their progress report is and how emphatic the medical people are about their opinion one way or the other," Coughlin said. "We'll use good strategy and good common sense."

Antonio Pierce, out yesterday, practiced today.


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