Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Four TDs In Four Games

With Mario Manningham running imperfect routes and cornerbacks catching on to the wiles of Steve Smith, Hakeem Nicks has stepped to the forefront of the passing attack, showing both good hands and outstanding athleticism. But is he ready to start?

It's a question Tom Coughlin and Kevin Gilbride should think about, considering Nicks has become the team's most productive rookie receiver since Bobby Johnson in 1984.

Nicks has his own ideas about it, as you'll see in the video.

Opinions, anybody?



  1. Yes START NICKS!..And for goodness sakes no more HIXON..Nicks,Smith and MM are the group..

    Since Hixons return Eli has had his two worst games of the season..Hey Eli,Hixon is not Plax.Stop locking on him like he is.

    Hixon is #4 wideout and great return man.

  2. Agreed. Hixon is an excellent return specialist, but an average WR... That INT in the end zone was partly because he didn't fight for it.

  3. Nicks should be getting more reps and next year the recieving group should be amongst the best in the league. I did not think i would be saying anything remotely close to this 7 weeks ago.

  4. Ernie, PLEASE buy a stick microphone!!!