Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday, Ed, Need I Say More?

It's Friday morning, and that means our weekly Q&A swap with Ed Valentine of Big Blue View. He's always entertaining and informative, and a great switch from me gassing at you all week. But, hey, if you just can't get enough of the Big Ern, you can check out my answers to the same questions over at Ed's blog at And even if you don't want me, he runs a great operation over there, so check it out, anyway.

And now, here's Ed:

1. What would you do to solve the C.C. Brown problem at safety?

"Well, Ernie, some folks here at BBV will love your idea of execution, I think. We have talked plenty about 'Bad, Bad C.C. Brown' this week at Big Blue View. Like here and here. I have been saying since training camp here in Albany that Brown is horrible in coverage, and it would be an issue if he ever had to play a large number of snaps. The Saints were the first team the Giants have played who could expose him. If he's out there I think everyone else will continue to target him. What can the Giants do? I don't know if Aaron Rouse is any better -- there is a reason Green Bay dumped him. But, he can't be worse so I think he has to at least split time with Brown for now. I keep hearing about moving Terrell Thomas to safety, but Aaron Ross has to be healthy first. Even then, the Giants aren't deep at corner and we don't know how quickly TT could adjust, so that is risky. The best solution would be to figure out how to get a pass rush so there aren't so many passes headed in his direction."

2. How do you think the Giants will rebound from a terrible loss like they had in New Orleans?

"It's one loss. The Giants have had bad losses in each of the past four playoff seasons under Tom Coughlin, and they always rebound. It's a testament to Coughlin and the maturity of this team's core. Emotionally, they will be fine. Defensively, I'm not so sure. Sunday's game was not the first time I did not like what I saw from Bill Sheridan's group. The defensive line has not played up to its ability level, the secondary is thin and without Michael Boley the linebackers just aren't very athletic."

3. If Anquan Boldin's ankle prevents him from playing Sunday, does the secondary have a decided edge in the passing game?

"Well, Boldin is terrific. I'd feel better, though, if it was Larry Fitzgerald who was hurt. Maybe Larry could go clubbing and ... ah, never mind. That's in bad taste. The secondary needs to get all of its players on the same page. There was so much miscommunication last week that it was ridiculous. I can live with passes getting completed, but blown assignments and guys running all over the field wide open is just not the way the Giants play defense."

4. Should the Giants reinstate Domenik Hixon as a starting receiver over Mario Manningham?

"No way. I LOVE Hixon in the return/third or fourth wide receiver role. The game he had Sunday was possibly the best ever enjoyed by a Giants return man, and he has to stay in that role. He is a decent receiver, but nothing special. Returning kicks, however, he is definitely special."

The floor's open, folks. What do you think?



  1. Hixon versus Manningham is no longer the question. The question is now, how to get Nicks more snaps, don't you agree? Also, Kevin Boss vs Travis Beckhum is this something we should keep an eye on?

  2. I agree that Hixon should remain the P/K returner. But does he want to be relegated to that role?

  3. I think Ed needs to put as much effort into his responses as you do to his.

  4. I agreed with everything both u and Ed said. However, yesterday you blasted Kiwi. Do u think maybe u were a little harsh on him Ern?

  5. Wayno2424:

    Don't think I was too harsh. He got manhandled against Dallas and was just about invisible against N.O. Most of his team-high 14 hits were racked up against the patsies. As for apologies, he won't be getting one. Then again, I think he'll get over that real quick. He can take it. Or, might there be a family connection there, Uncle Wayno?

  6. EXACTLY! Getting pressure on the QB is the answer to all of our problems. And when you're not getting it from the front four, you (BILL SHERIDAN) must adjust and bring the blitz. BRING THE BLITZ. BRING IT!!!!

  7. Never mind Hixon - Hicks is the one who has GOT TO GET ON THE FIELD. He's proven he is special. Let Manninghame work as #3 or in the slot. But Hicks needs to play every snap.

  8. I said Hicks - I meant NICKS