Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Feel-Good Item

David Tyree -- you remember him, right? Super Bowl XLII receiving hero, great kick coverage guy -- signed with the Baltimore Ravens. Nice to see he's back in the league after wandering around since the Giants cut him out of training camp.

If John Harbaugh is smart, he'll immediately make Tyree his gunner on punt coverage and let him work his magic, assuming that Tyree has gotten all his speed back from the leg problems that bulldozed his 2008 season and 2009 training camp. I hope he makes out. Was always a good guy and a good interview to me, not to mention a Pro Bowl coverage specialist at the height of his powers.

One other thing I wanted to mention. For those of you who are completely ticked off about Sinorice Moss' faulty work on punt and kickoff returns, remember this. There's no need for help from the outside. Domenik Hixon appears on the verge of coming back from his knee problems and may well take over both jobs in the next week or so. I think Moss gets one more shot at it this week, and if he doesn't pan out, then look for Hixon to step into one or both spots. That might mean the inactive list for Moss, but it's his own fault.

What say you?



  1. I will bet u a beer Moss is done on return duties. I wouldn't be shocked if he doesn't dress for some time. The only reason Coughlin stuck with him was because Moss is expendable and the game was out hand.

  2. I agree, Moss is just too tentative out there.

  3. Quite frankly, Moss should be cut. The guy just doesnt have any redeeming qualities. He makes no impact as a WR or on special teams. Even when he catches the ball cleanly, he sidesteps and doesnt hit the seam and puts us in terrible field position. Hixon is such a better returner it's not even close. Thankfully for us, Manningham and Nicks stepped up as WRs which will allow Hixon to go back to the returner role he thrives in, because Moss is terrible.

  4. Love the Tyree. Happy for him. But he was very, very done. It was obvious. And if he didn't have that one catch, he would've been a very forgettable player. Thank the Good Lord he had that one catch, though. That's a lifetime memory for all of us.

    All Hail The Tyree!

  5. Why does he get one more week? Is Hixon ready to play? I thought he played last sunday and the Giants could certainly use better return work this week which could make the difference between a win and a loss.

  6. Sadly, Moss is proof that not every Jerry Reese draft pick is a home run.

  7. Acorsi drafted Moss. Now take it back and apologize to King Jerry.

  8. I stand corrected. In fairness to Accorsi, Moss was considered a near-elite prospect coming out of Miami. At least he got us Eli.

  9. Much like Devin Hester with Bears, Hixon belongs returning punts and kickoffs. Sure, they are both capable at receiver, but they are extraordinary on special teams. my depth chart would go like this:

    Steve Smith (in slot in 3/4 wide sets)
    Mario Manningham
    Hakeem Nicks
    Sinorice Moss
    Domenik Hixon
    Ramses Barden

    I'd also use Barden as a single WR in a power I formation. They really could use him in the red zone when they usually run anyway. We've all seen the highlights of him catching fade after after fade after fade in the end zone. He's almost automatic.

  10. Please explain to me how Moss is on this roster? Watching him on special teams is embarrassing. The arm waving is just horrendous and when he does manage to touch a ball it's worse, costing us a shutout last week. If he stays on the field he will cost us a game. We should have picked up Rossum until Hixon is ready.