Sunday, October 25, 2009

Keep On Clicking

Worried that Giants football and the ALCS are going to get in the way of each other? Don't. I'm here for ya. I'll be live-blogging the game, as usual, from start to finish tonight. So put the Yanks on TV and keep the computer or blackberry on so you can check in right here to keep abreast of what should be an interesting football game.

As always, feel free to comment. Just leave them right there in the game blog.

Oh, almost forgot. A special thanks to Nasty 1, who gave this blog a good plug on my friend Rick Carpiniello's Ranger Report at my old newspaper. We've had Nasty here, and I'd hope he continues to pop in with some of his friends. And if you're a Rangers type, Carp runs a heck of a blog. Check it out at I do believe he'll be at Giants Stadium tonight, so I'll pass all our thanks along to him.

So remember, Yanks on TV, Giants right here for constant, real-time updates.




  1. Thank God for DVR is right! We are counting on u tonight Ern. With ATT mostly on the Yank game I wouldlove it if u blogged every play. Sorry to put thatburden on u but I am counting on u!

  2. will be a the nyg game tonight, i'm hoping they show all the highlights

  3. What's up Ern? Any word on inactives? My prediction is Moss won't dress.

  4. Ernie is like our own picture in picture

  5. Ralph has some bs on his blog about signing up for Twitter so u can get all his updates because he has a night deadline. How out of touch is he with his readers and the NY sports world. We are relying on u for updates a plenty and hope that u will throw every play, pass, punt or run onto the blog. Ralph is lazy, do me proud Ern!