Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Practice and other stuff

Guard Kareem McKenzie and WR Mario Manningham were back out at practice today, preparing to take limited snaps. I'm pretty sure Manningham will play Sunday against Arizona, but not so sure that McKenzie will continue the line's 38-game streak of playing as an intact unit. I explain myself in this video.

The players were on the other end of the field and even with the zoom up full it couldn't pick out the numbers. But I promise you McKenzie is there. More important is to listen to what I'm saying.

If McKenzie can't go, second-round pick Will Beatty will likely make the start there. Coughlin said he did okay once McKenzie went out Sunday. "He did okay," Coughlin said. "He's a young, talented kid who just needs to play. In this particular game, Chris Snee was next to him, so he could help him."

In other issues, RB Danny Ware continues to take limited practice, but Coughlin said he needs to get past a few more physical tests before his dislocated elbow is deemed healed and ready to go.

Also, I promised you guys I'd ask a question about Sintim, and Uncle Ern never goes back on a promise. As I suspected, he's not to a point in his development where he's a sure thing to be activated on gameday. Nothing to do with his health, but special teams numbers.

"At this point, no," Coughlin said when asked if the pass-rushing linebacker was ready to make a significant contribution, even in a situational sense. "He's been injured, and there's special teams numbers. We'd like to see him advance toward that. He is a player, and he's going to be a physical guy who can help us down the road. We'd like to move in that direction, but we have to deal game in, game out with what our situations are, what our needs are, how our numbers are going to come down."

In other words, don't expect to see Mr. Sintim on any consistent basis for a while. Sounds like the missed time obviously had effected the learning process, which is a big curve for any rookie, regardless of position.



  1. Bummer to hear about more delays for Ware and Sintim. I really think Ware can light it up with some screens.

    What's the deal with Barden? Rumor is he's just having issues picking up the system...

  2. ggggg-men:

    Yep. That's it. The old learning curve. I'm kind of surprised because he seems like a real smart kid. But sometimes off-field intelligence doesn't translate to on-field intelligence.

  3. Thanks for the update on Sintim. Great stuff.

  4. Thanks Ernie....I'll still hold out hope that we see him make a red zone appearance sooner or later. With the way Eli throws his fade ya gotta think anyone with Barden's size and hands can make the catch.