Friday, October 9, 2009

Me and Big Blue View

Here's the latest installment of our Q&A swap with Ed Valentine of Big Blue View. For a look at my answers to the same questions, head on over to Ed at and leave a few comments.

1. If Eli Manning does play against Oakland, how effective will he be on that injured right heel?

"I want Eli in there instead of David Carr, even if he is limited. We have actually seen the impact already, on the throw where the injury first showed up. He threw that deep ball without being able to step into it, and it didn't get there. It floated. Forget the long ball, my question is will he be able to plant, step into a throw and get the ball out there with authority on throws like deep outs or slants into tight coverage? And, will be be able to slide around in the pocket comfortably to avoid the pass rush? I think he will play, and in the long run I think he will manage the injury just fine. I am a little nervous about Sunday, though."

2. With Michael Boley sidelined for approximately four weeks following Tuesday's arthoscopic knee surgery, is Chase Blackburn or Bryan Kehl the best option to replace him at weakside linebacker?

"Well, I think only two people get lucky because of Kehl's finger surgery. Blackburn because he gets to play, and me because it makes the answer easy. The real question is, what happens if Blackburn starts and gets hurt? Would we actually get to see Zak DeOssie play linebacker? I am amazed sometimes that DeOssie is still listed on the roster as a linebacker instead of just a snapper."

3. With a quarter of the season gone, what is your assessment of the Giants. Are they truly an elite team, or can't we tell because they've been beating up on inferior competiton?

"As of today I think you can make an argument that the Giants are the best team in the league. Or, that they are at least among the top 3-4. The Giants have done exactly what a good team should do a weak one in the games against Tampa Bay and Kansas City -- dominate. They went into Dallas and came away with a victory that was as impressive as any regular-season Giants victory I can remember in something like 40 years of watching them play. The amazing thing is, with all the injuries and the developing young players I don't think this team is nearly as good right now as it could be by the end of the season."

4. Now that the Giants are sticking with Lawrence Tynes, how long can Tom Coughlin put up with him missing makeable field goals?

"Not much longer, I would think. Tynes is a mystery because he makes tough kicks, misses easy ones and is inconsistent on kickoffs. He would already be gone if Matt Bryant or Matt Stover were better options. That, really, is the best thing Tynes has going for him. There are no sure-fire replacements out there, so the Giants could just be creating a big mess if they start a revolving-door placekicker situation."

What do you think?



  1. U and Ed have blinders on when it comes to Tynes. He will cost a game and that argument is weak because the Dallas miss was HUGE. Next time u put video of Tynes up please ask him if he knows that most blog followers want his head.

  2. Manning hit Smith basically in stride in the hands on the play he hurt himslf.......

  3. I'd be curious to see David Carr in a real game situation with this team... So far, in very limited action, he hasn't been impressive but in fairness to him that was either pre-season or mop-up duty with backups. I suppose if you're going to give him a game to get his feet wet, the Raiders would be a good one as the Defense should win this one all on it's own.

    And Tynes has to go. Is Matt Bahr available?