Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Valentine Day!!!!

That's right. It's Friday, which means Ed Valentine of Big Blue View is here to share his views with us again. Give a read and leave an opinion. And then, don't forget to swing over to Ed's site, to read my answers to the same four questions.

So without further ado, here's Ed!

1. Given the fact that Brandon Jacobs' yardage numbers are down this year, would a role-switch with Ahmad Bradshaw be beneficial to the team this week?

"That seems to be the thing everyone wants to talk about right now. Personally, I think the distribution is great just the way it is. Bradshaw is making huge plays, and you have to wonder if more carries would actually lead to fewer 'make guys miss' explosive plays. The question is when will Jacobs bust loose and have a huge game? He hasn't been bad this season, but he hasn't put up the numbers we have come to expect. I hope that starts to change on Sunday."

2. How do you think the Giants truly feel about facing their old, abrasive teammate Jeremy Shockey?

"Well, I think that's two different answers. One if you are talking about the fans, and a different one if you are talking about the players. The 'fan' answer was summed up this way by one of the co-writers at Big Blue View the other day. My dream finish for Giants-Saints: Game tied at 24, 1 minute to play. Saints are driving; Drew Brees hits Jeremy Shockey over the middle, who is rumbling towards the end zone. He fumbles the ball; Giants recover at their own 1 yard line. On the first play from scrimmage, Eli hits Kevin Boss (who hopefully will be healthy) for a 99 yard TD reception.The 'player' answer is probably that there are guys who played with Shockey who want to stick it to him, but they will never say it. You know, though, that Antonio Pierce and the Giants defense don't want Shockey to have a big day."

3. Will this game between the 5-0 Giants and 4-0 Saints provide a measuring stick on the Giants' true strength?

"Sure it will. We know the Giants are good, but we also know they haven't played real NFL-caliber competition the past three weeks. This will be a very difficult game for the Giants -- in New Orleans with the very, very good Saints coming off a bye week. The Giants will give up some points, I'm sure. What I want to see -- and expect to see -- are signs that the Giants can make big plays against a good team. We saw it in Dallas, and I see no reason we won't see it again in New Orleans. That, however, doesn't mean I am confident the Giants will win."

4. Assuming Terrell Thomas continues playing as well as he has, what would you do with Aaron Ross once he comes back from his hamstring strain?

"Ross? Healthy? In 2009? Is that actually a possibility? Seriously, I think Ross is now the third or fourth cornerback on this team. I think he will do fine, but I'm anxious to see how Thomas holds up against the Saints. There is little doubt in my mind, though, based on the way Thomas has played this year and Ross played last year when he was healthy, that Thomas is a better player. What we really have to figure out is what kind of player Ross really is. Of that, I'm not sure."

What do you think?



  1. I think this weeks questions show just how little controversy there is on the Giants this year and how good they have been. I was hoping to take u to task this week Uncle Ern but I agree with most of what u and Ed both said. Are u traveling down to NO for the game?

  2. I think just like the Brandon Jacobs story and Jeremy Shockey, the Saints are overrated. I also want to take a moment to enjoy the GMEN having both their offense and defense ranked in the top 3 of the league in yards! Can't ever remember that.

  3. Corners often take a few years to develop (see: Corey Webster) or not. I don't know if we can assess how good Ross is yet just by looking at his rookie year. Of course, we'll never know until his hammy heals.

  4. Ross has played two years. He had a promising rookie year and was an integral part of the Super Bowl team but last year was quite a step back. Nobody called him a bust but Ern is right. He is probably the 4th best corner, maybe even 5th considering Johnson has had more big plays in 5 games than Ross whole career.