Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just To Make It Official...

For everybody who wanted Jerry Reese to trade half a draft to get whatever safety is leading his team to a 1-5 record, forget it. The trade deadline came and went at 4 p.m. and the Giants, typically, did absolutely nothing.

That makes them no different than most of the other 31 teams in the league. You see, the NFL trade deadline is hardly like baseball's deadline, where stars and near-stars change uniforms with alarming frequency.

The Eagles are the only ones I know of who pulled off a trade today, acquiring Rams LB Will Witherspoon. The only other trades that happened this year even remotely close to the deadline was the one the Bears pulled off for Tampa Bay defensive lineman Gaines Adams last Friday, and the one that sent Kansas City defensive end Tank Tyler to the Panthers yesterday. So, as far as I know, the rest of the teams passed on doing anything today.

The Giants will just have to find the solution to their problems either on the waiver wire or inside their own locker room. That means either standing pat with C.C. Brown at safety until Aaron Ross returns to give them flexibility to move over a cornerback, elevating the bigger but not as fast Aaron Rouse to starter, or giving practice-squadders Vince Anderson or Sha'reff Rashad a chance. That last scenario presents a tough situation, however, since there's a reason those guys are still on the practice squad despite the undermanned roster situation.

Reactions, anybody?



    I completely disagree with the sentiments about the practice squad. The 53 man roster was a problem for the giants when the left camp, knowing that they would need to carry an extra CB, LB and DL on the active roster to cover for injuries. This is why we have players on the practice squad; there is no room for DBs on special teams so we are short. let's be realistic, we went into the season with 1 strong safety and one back-up, any other help would have to come from the CBs or practice squad...is RW McQuarters still around??

  2. Enough of the McQuarters nostalgia. They must think their corners will be able to handle it.

    Ern: what's wrong with giving up a second day pick for Butler or a similar player. Huh wiseguy.

    Michael Matthews is available.

  3. Do the the Giants have any interest in reacquiring Matthews? Seems they were better in short yardage with his blocking off the edge; And, is Belichick serious, the Giants get nothing for the trade? They didn't cut him, the Pats did!

  4. It will be interesting to see how the team reacts to this loss, with Arizona coming into town. I think the safety issue is going to be their downfall sooner or later. Good teams will exploit that weakness. I don't see it being fixed any time soon. What a shame.

  5. thanks for deleting my post dick bag. have fun wearing your robe all day. continue writing your shitty blog covering the giants. can you get into the lockeroom with Blog Credentials? I'm willing to debate giants whenever you want.

    fyi- if you want to make this blog into a profitable entity... get it off blogger, stop using generic templates and do some research..... maybe take out an ad in the record. you should have to pay that rag to use your shitty words anyway.

  6. Ernie, I enjoy your blog very much.

    You are right on the money- nobody is going to appear magically to solve the safety problem. I thought we should try to get Gibril Wilson back, bit I couldn't decide who we could give up, plus I know the GMen would stand pat.

    I sure hope we figure something out. Those Saints receivers could have replaced their names on the back of their jerseys with "See you later", to borrow a line from Dan Jenkins.

  7. Now, now, Kevin! Mommy told you not to go off your meds!