Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Safeties

Today we start off with a couple of video on two safeties in question, the eminent C.C. Brown and his backup, Aaron Rouse. It is significant that, through their lack of activity at the trade deadline, they plan no changes in that spot despite Brown's horrendous performance last week. Instead, it's apparent the staff is intent on coaching Brown, HARD, to attempt to round him into shape for another air attack in Arizona.

Tom Coughlin said yesterday that Rouse could see more action, too, so I would expect at least a close-to-even split between the two. And if all that coaching doesn't change Brown, expect a complete switch with Rouse taking the main strong safety responsibilities.

Here's Brown first, talking about some of the coaching he's receiving.

And here's Rouse, who the Giants picked up off Green Bay waivers three weeks ago, talking about a possible ramp-up of his snaps.

Do you guys think the Giants are handling this right?



  1. Well I don't really think they have a choice. I guess they could have built more depth there during the offseason, but at this point they have the personel that they have.

  2. Jerry Reese has shown time and again that he's loathe to trade draft picks for a quick fix. I'd say that philosophy has worked pretty well for him. This situation is no different. I think the Giants will scheme to protect their safety's shortcomings as much as possible in the weeks ahead.

    I'm also making the brave, brave prediction that depending on Kenny Phillips health, they'll go for a safety on day one of the draft.

  3. I would love if they drafted Taylor Mays.

  4. These two ballbags bettter have a halfway decent game against the Cards or one of them will not be on the roster next week and I think CC knows it. Now I would like to turn my ire to the most overrated defensive line in football. U want a raise Osi??? hahahhahah How about a pink slip!

  5. There isn't a team in the NFL that wouldn't love Taylor Mays, but there's no way the Giants are getting him unless they trade way up or collapse and lose all their remaining games (reading some of the reactions to the Saints game, some people actually think that). Mays could go Top 5.

  6. John you are right regarding Mays, however safeties generally fall. I'm not real concerned about the defense. When Osi is back mentally and Tuck is back physically we should be ok.

  7. They ABSOLUTELY are handling this right. It's nothing new that a ton of fickle NY fans want to fire everyone and restaff the secondary after one loss. We have to play these guys through and my bet is that if they continue to falter, we'll see Ross comeback to CB and Thomas shifted to S.....IF Ross ever comes back.

    I'm a little confused though, because I thought Bruce Johnson played a little Safety? No? He seems to be better in coverage than Brown, so why not give it a shot? Of course, I'm from the Madden (video game) generation....just plug guys anywhere on a moments notice. = )

  8. Ernie,

    Pat T. has the theory that they will move A. Ross to safety when he is over his hamstring injury. She makes the point that he has the instincts for stopping the run. Do you have any thoughts on her theory?

  9. Yes. We were discussing it today. It's possible. I think moving Terrell Thomas over once Ross gets healthy is a better possibility. The problem is, who knows when Ross will ever be ready. We won't see him until well after the bye, in my opinion, so any help now is going to come from what's already there. Patti's got a good theory, though.