Friday, October 30, 2009

Manningham Or Nicks?

According to Tom Coughlin, Mario Manningham hurt his shoulder at the end of yesterday's practice, which is why he sat idle during today's workout. He'll go into Sunday's game as questionable, but Coughlin was very vague as to whether he'll start Hakeem Nicks or keep Manningham as the No. 2 receiver next to Steve Smith.

"He certainly has a big role, anyway," Coughlin said regarding Nicks. "But certainly you would expect more. But let's hold out for the best."

Manningham's problem didn't sound serious, at least as far as Coughlin was letting on.

"He went down on the shoulder and he is sore," Coughlin said.

Coughlin said Nicks is ready to go gameplan-wise, having taken all the first-team snaps today. But to tell you the truth, I wouldn't hedge about starting him at all. I'd start him. There's nothing to lose. Nicks has been consistently making big plays these last four games, and this stacks up as a potential big-play game, what with the Eagles' committment to the all-out blitz. Nicks has the hot hand right now, so Coughlin would do well to get him in as often as possible, which means starting him.

Meanwhile, Giants-killing RB Brian Westbrook spent the Eagles' practice on the sideline, and I'll be shocked to see him play in light of the concussion he suffered Monday night.



  1. Ya know, I want Nicks out as much as possible. I know he's capable of emerging as a top receiver. He's playing extremely well.

    BUT.....I know my Giants and I know my conservative coaches with their experience over anything else methodology. I have a feeling come Sunday, I'll be spending another 1st half SCREAMING at the TV about why Hixon is on the field as a 2nd or 3rd receiver.

    Hixon's continued time at WR is almost as maddening as the fact that they keep sending out Blackburn instead of a loaded potential and playmaking FASTER Bryan Kehl. Drives me nuts every week.

  2. Nicks seems to have better hands and runs better routes than Manningham. That said, I wonder when he'll hit that rookie wall.