Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Biggest Difference

Here's another piece of video with offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride and slightly off-center guard Rich Seubert offering somewhat different views of how the Eagles' defense operates these days under Sean McDermott, as opposed to the past under the late Jim Johnson.

They still blitz, all right. Early, late, often. But the difference, Gilbride said, is that they no longer try to disguise it as they did under the wily Johnson.

Here's the video.

Only 3 1/2 of the Eagles' 21 sacks have come from linebackers, and none from safeties or corners. But that could all change now that the athletic Will Witherspoon is there at middle linebacker.

According to tight end Kevin Boss, the real effect of all the blitzing is single coverage and the absence of the cover linebacker in the middle, thus leaving more room for pass-catching tight ends like Boss to work. That could be a plus providing the Giants can pick up the blitz and Eli Manning can get the ball off quickly.

"It's a lot easier to recognize now," said Boss, whose 14 catches for 194 yards and no touchdowns rank fourth on the team and well into the lower half of tight ends leaguewide. "If we can recognize it pre-snap, we can anticipate it better and maybe make some plays."

Looks like Boss might be in line for a big game.


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