Sunday, October 11, 2009

Live Blogging With A Twist

First off, a little full disclosure. I'm not at Giants Stadium today, as I have a pressing personal issue to tend to. But I will be live-blogging the first half, after which I will be stepping out for said issue. Don't worry. I'll tape the second half and you'll get the full game summary shortly after I'm done watching it. With any luck, anything important that happens will occur before halftime, and the second half will be an anticlimax. At any rate, we'll keep the chat line open for you guys to talk among yourselves in the second half.

Now on to the important things. Looks like Eli Manning took the field for warmups and walked without a limp. So unless I'm way off here, put him down for a start today. How long he lasts on that injured right heel, we'll see.

Be back in a while with the inactives.


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