Monday, October 19, 2009

Too Much Speed?

If you listen to the players and Tom Coughlin, the Giants' problem wasn't a matter of speed yesterday. It was execution.

I'm not sure I agree with that entirely, especially after watching guys like LB Danny Clark chasing Jeremy Shockey vainly into the endzone, or seeing C.C. Brown scramble to catch up with the small village of receivers who caught passes downfield.

But we'll let Clark have his say about what went wrong, just because we're a fair bunch here.

As for Coughlin, he indicated that the speed of folks like wide receiver Devery Henderson may have taken a minor part in the problems.

"You have to start first by saying they were the No. 1 scoring team in the league. Thirty-six points a game is a lot of points in the NFL," Coughlin said. "They made some plays on some simple things like they just went up and got the ball. The quarterback is confident enough to throw it up, and they elevated, got in position to make plays on the ball even though we had people there. We had guys there, but weren't able to get up to where the receiver was to challenge the catch.

"We all know Henderson is very fast and Reggie Bush is very fast, but I don't know that that was the reason for the big plays. The big plays over the top, I felt we had people in position. We just didn't make plays on the ball."



  1. 100% BS by Coughlin. He knows exactly what happened and the reason he is a good coach is because he's telling everyone behind closed doors. CC Brown is not having fun.

  2. It's not 100% BS - CC was standing there on one touchdown play. He just missed the ball.

    CC is not a great cover guy.

    We need Ross back.

  3. How moving Sinorice Moss to safety or dime corner

  4. Not sure about Moss, but there were some corners and safeties in training camp that looked better than Rouse.

    What about the kid Anderson? or even Sha'reff Rashad. They looked as good as Rouse and CC Brown. Where's Stoney Woodson at, could he play some safety?

    I think most Giant fans appreciate the underdog. I love the effort we are getting from Bruce Johnson, I say give the practice squad players a try

  5. Those guys all SUCK with the exception of Bruce Johnson. Moving Thomas or Ross to safety might enable Johnson to get on the field a little more without much of a dropoff.

    Matchonen "CC was standing there on one touchdown pass." How about the other four or the 25 completions he had a hand in. U are a joke and simply play devil's advocate.