Monday, October 26, 2009

More Medicine

I guess because of the late hour the game ended last night, there are no highlights posted yet of the Giants' 24-17 loss to the Cardinals. As soon as I find something, I'll put it up because, you know, we're all adults here and we're mature enough to know you have to take the good with the bad. Right?

For now, here are some notes from the game, courtesy of

And here's a question for you. Down by 10, and the Giants driving at third-and-2 from the Cardinals' 46, would you try the deep shot to Mario Manningham, as Eli Manning did on a fourth-quarter throw that ultimately went out of bounds near the goal line, or would you try to run the ball and make sure you get the first down?

That, to me, was a huge play in the game, one that the Giants have tried before with mixed results. It is a low percentage pass, after all. I like high-percentage stuff, especially when you should be trying to get the ground game going. But that's just me.

Tell me what you would do.



  1. thegeneralfamilyOctober 26, 2009 9:49 AM

    Can't agree with you more Ern... What is it these days with the pass-heavy playcalling? It's funny because in years past when the Giants were a worse team they'd run the ball three straight times and not make the first down, and I'd get frustrated watching. Now, though, that should be their bread and butter. It's as if they're too anxious to let Eli try to make plays instead of methodically allowing the run game to dictate things. Need to get back to basics next week in Philly. Disappointing loss last night to an inferior team.

  2. How about 2nd and 2 then 3rd and 2.In shotgun formation..Two inc passes..It was like the Eagle playoff game all over again.

    Killdrive was at it again..Pass when you should run.Run when you should pass.

    How about Hixon starting over Nicks again..Coaches are lost..

  3. Kevin Gilbride is not a good coach or playcaller. The Giants are too slow in and out of the huddle, Eli overthinks overthing and most teams seem to know that he audibles to the run or the quick out.
    The giants are no longer capable of dictating the pace of the game, and the absence of Ward as a alternative seems to hurt them. There's very little production from the TE and very little from crossing routes to receivers. Manningham was called out by Collingsworth for his poor route running; cornerbacks around the league can see this each week in film study and realize that he doesn't sell the fake at all. Jacobs needs to follow his blocks near the goal line and short yardage. Pierce needs to stop rearranging everyone an instant before the snap, call a timeout if its needed. Right now, the problem is execution and coaching, everyone is on to our plays, new wrinkles are required and the pace of play needs to pick up.

  4. Nicks has to play! He should be on the field from the start. He is the 1 home run threat they have. I don't understand why they keep throwing deep balls to Hixon and Steve Smith. Nicks has to play every down.

  5. Good post above about the playcalling on short yardage from the shot gun. Some new stuff wouldn't hurt, I did like the efforts to dump off to Jacobs, he dropped the one that could have gone for more.

    Jacobs is brought down by more safeties and corners wrapping his ankles than any power back I know. forget the stats, he leaves many yards out there. Play like there's no tomorrow young man because is this league there isn't

  6. I didn't see the whole game, switching to yanks occassionally, did we run any wildcat at all?

  7. Arizona dictacted our offensive playcalling the same way Philly did in the playoff game last January. The fact that Gilbride still hasn't figured out a way for this offense to beat a team consistently challenging them to beat them 1 on 1 on the outside is absolutely maddening.

  8. Coughlin is a good caoch and will tell Gilbride, Run, Run, Run all week. No need to panic. I am confident the Giants will be able to run over 250 yrds on the depleted Philly D and all will be good. Prediction for tonight, Clinton Portis 20 150 2, Eagles 24-14.

  9. I've long since stopped trying to figure out Kevin Gilbride's playcalling. It could just be me but it always seems like he throws when he should run and runs when he should throw.

  10. Not to pile on to the coaches any more than has already been done
    here, but I do think we yielded the initiative early on this game. If a
    team is showing you inside blitz, the book says you audible to a
    screen, or run a counter. Did you see that at all? Neither did I.
    On the other hand, if a team is putting 8 or 9 guys at the line, yes,
    you would normally try to hit the big play over the top, but that
    requires time/protection. Eli needs to make the high percentage
    choice and hit the underneath option for the sure first down.
    Of course, this also requires the receivers to read the same blitz,
    and cut off their routes to show the early option. Didn't see too much
    of that, either.

  11. jerseybillfromvaOctober 26, 2009 7:01 PM

    as usual, we abandoned the run the minute we got behind. That's how its been since KG got here. Thats why Eli has a good rep when behind. Sooner or later, The HC has to change the routine. When collinsworth can figure out the snap count, we're in trouble. Are our hardworking coaches blind? Negligent? Arrogant? doesn't matter. Time something changes.