Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pierce Leaves Practice

A little injury news. LB Antonio Pierce left practice early with a back injury of some sort. The Giants had no further information on it, but Pierce's clothes were still in his locker during the media access afterward so it didn't appear he'd been taken for tests -- yet. We'll probably get more on this later or tomorrow.

As for Mario Manningham, he said he took a knee to the back during the first half of Sunday's game. He did return to play, but was sore. He said he went through practice well, and expects to play Sunday night against Arizona.

"I'm good," Manningham said. "I got a knee to the back and I came back and it started hurting again. With the shoulder pads and padding on, I'll be good."

Meanwhile, the ever-mysterious Kareem McKenzie had this to say about working through his groin injury.

That streak he spoke about involves 38 straight games where the offensive line has played intact. That's a nice thing for a quarterback to have.

Also, RB Ahmad Bradshaw took his first midweek limited practice in weeks. A good sign that he's back to work this early and not wearing a boot.



  1. Ernie,
    This brings me back to a question from earlier. How big a loss do you think it would be if Pierce were out?

  2. Adam:

    I think losing Pierce would be a huge loss. What he lacks in speed he makes up for in leadership. A lot of the plays you saw made in the games before the Saints game were because of his signals and positioning of players. Blackburn doesn't have that kind of experience yet. But there's no doubt Pierce is slowing down physically, and that could be a concern past this season. But for now, don't expect to see any changes in the middle.

  3. My feelings exactly Ernie. I'm loving your blog. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the input.

  4. I have been a bit surprised that they havent drafted an mlb early in the draft to groom as his replacement the last 2 years. But Ernie knows best, maybe he is on the roster and I just dont know it yet

  5. I am sick of looking at the back of Pierce's jersey running after the play. This year is it for him. I think Sintim has a chance to be the future MLB. After seeing him in college and preseason I think he is as good a lb prospect as any of the first rounders short of Curry.

  6. Agree with you on Pierce. He's the general out there, but it's obvious that he's no speed demon. Not to get ahead of ourselves, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Giants went LB or Safety in the draft... Especially depending on the health of Kenny Phillips.