Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Canty Close?

I don't know if DT Chris Canty was giving us a good line or the absolute, nothing-but-the-truth news, but he said in the locker room today that he's so close to getting back to practice that "it's scary."

Canty said he and his injured calf did some individual drills and some "pushing and pulling with the trainers."

"We're just making sure that the power and the ability to perform is there. And it was."

Canty added that he wasn't just blowing smoke. The Giants should hope he wasn't, because they could certainly use the 6-foot-7, 304-pound defensive tackle in the middle right now, especially since Fred Robbins and Barry Cofield haven't exerted much pressure on the quarterback lately. That probably won't happen until after the bye. But getting Canty away from the trainers and back to at least limited team drills before the bye would be very encouraging for that timetable.

It's no fun being on the Ronnie Barnes scholarship program.

"I'm looking forward to missing those guys," Canty said, who added it would probably take a game or two for him to get back into the groove once he does return to drills fulltime.

Whatever the case, Canty can't wait. Here's what he had to say about that.



  1. That sounds great. Forget about the bye week, suit him up!!

  2. What is your take on the play of Rocky Bernard? I do not see the tape but I do not hear his name mentioned much when he is in the game. I also thought his strength was rushing the passer which I have not seen. Your thouhts?

  3. CG:

    You're right on one account; you haven't heard much from him. But he's more of a hole-clogger who has the mobility to pass rush, rather than a true pass-rusher like Canty. Doesn't seem to be making much of a contribution lately, but that's no different than Robbins and Cofield. Middle of the defensive line is in a slump, I'd say.

  4. what are they saving him for? We need an away win in the division for any hopes of the playoffs. Hate to over state it, but this is a must win for the Giants.
    5-2 with maybe 2 cupcakes left on the schedule. that's 7-2, can we go 3-4 against the better teams? Maybe so let's call it 10-6.
    Eagles and Dallas currently at 4-2, Eagles 2 cupcakes left gets them to 6-2, and split the rest gets them to 10-6. Cowboys have 4 cupcakes left! Gets them to 8-2, if they split the rest they end up at 11-5 and viola we are outside of the playoffs

  5. too early for playoff scenarios.

    We need Canty back for good, not for one game. Need Ross back as well. probably need Ross more right now.

  6. Hey Ernie

    Does Barden do anything noteworthy at practice? I thought the fade to Nicks the other night looked pathetic. I know that there's no room for him, just curious if he shows anything at practice.

    What about Danny Ware, was he practicing today? He's been listed as probable.

  7. I suspect Barden won't get much playing time until next year. What about Aaron Ross? The Giants could really use him....