Sunday, September 13, 2009

Trying A Chat Room

Gonna try something new -- for me, anyway. It's a gameday chat room. Not that I think anybody will be on their computers during the game, but for those who might be, here's an opportunity to chat about what's happening in real time. I'm going to take off the filters for one day, so you have to promise me that you'll keep any profanity in the living room. Basically, if you wouldn't say something to a 12-year-0ld, don't say it here, either.

Anyway, you can talk about whatever you want right in this space. Right here. Leave a comment, and I'll check back periodically during the game to respond to any questions or comments. If I see a decent response, we'll do it every week. If the comments section is empty at game's end, I'll know you all had better things to do, understandably.

So here we go. I'll be blogging during the game, too, so watch out for that.



  1. Sounds good, Ernie...looking forward to a great game!

  2. Tried to comment during the game, Ernie, kept getting an error.