Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's Here!

Big one in the Big D tonight. Catch a little Jets this afternoon, have a little dinner, and then tune in. Don't forget to check in here to offer insight as I live-blog throughout the game.

What's the over-under on Jacobs' rushing yards tonight for the Giants to win? I say 95.



  1. I predict 120. Mostly because of a single run of over 40 yards.

    If he doesn't break a long one, then I'll say 75.

    Glad you are keeping this going.

  2. Over 95 for sure

  3. Eli is going to have a big day!

  4. Hoping over 95. Tampa Bay had good rushing yards against Dallas last week so I'm hoping the G-men will step up big on the ground tonight. I have a feeling Bradshaw is going to break one big after Jacobs softens up the D-line.

  5. I'd say 80 only because 1) they may key on him (8 in the box) and 2) Bradshaw will get a bunch of carries.