Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Canty Practicing

Defensive tackle Chris Canty, left off the injury report, worked in individual drills before the media was dismissed from practice. Don't know how much he'll work in team drills.

LB Clint Sintim (groin) ran with the linebackers, but CB Aaron Ross (hamstring) and OL Adam Koets (ankle) were in the rehab circle. CB Kevin Dockery (hamstring) did some individual work.



  1. Ernie,

    I know they'll probably try to play it safe with Canty, but are they just going to send Cofield and Robbins to the wolves? Are they really 100% healthy? Any thought to having them sit a game to rest up for the long haul?

  2. BostonGiant:

    Could be. We'll try to find out just how much work Canty did in a few minutes, and whether he's made significant progress toward playing Sunday.