Monday, September 21, 2009

What About Hixon?

As we said, Domenik Hixon wound up with a sprained right knee and sat out the rest of the game. At first, Sinorice Moss looked like a likely replacement to go into the three and four-wide sets as Mario Manningham moved into Hixon's starting spot. But in the end, Derek Hagan got most of the snaps there, with Moss relegated to special teams.

Hagan actually wound up catching a pass for 12 yards. Moss didn't get a sniff. Kind of tells you something about what the hierarchy thinks of Moss as a receiver, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, Steve Smith is tied with Pittsburgh's Santonio Holmes for the league lead in receiving yards with 214 over the first two weeks, while Manningham sits in third just six yards behind. This from at least one second-year player -- Manningham -- that nobody figured would produce to any great extent before the season started.

"That is why we worked so hard in the offseason," Smith said. "That is why everybody was here in the offseason workouts in the spring and we had some good days and some tough days in training camp and the preseason. We're just glad it's coming together now."

Now, if they would just send the two of them into the end zone consistently on those Red Zone situations -- instead of two yards in front of the goal line -- maybe they'd have a partial solution to their problems in that area.



  1. still need hixon back. when should we find out what they found on his and tuck's mri?

  2. we need hixon back as a kick and punt returner. When Nicks gets back put him in the slot and we should be go to good. I really do hope our starting wr's from this point on is smith and manningham enough experimenting.

  3. good to go***

  4. We need a big tall guy to step up in the red zone.

  5. yeah i think barden should be able to come in and run a fade

  6. Manningham should never be out of the starting lineup from this point on. That drop Hixon made last year still gets my stomach turning and I would need to see a lot more out of him to even start to make up for it.